“If the price is, say, £20million then we just won’t buy”


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Lokomotiv Moscow have not given up on signing Roman Pavlyuchenko from Tottenham.

The 28-year-old nearly moved back to Russia in January while he was out of favour at White Hart Lane, but has since forced his way back into the Spurs team.

Nikolai Naumov, Lokomotiv president, said: ‘If the price is, say, £20million then we just won’t buy.

‘But we will definitely return to the question of buying Pavlyuchenko in the summer.

‘Let’s see what the situation is then at Tottenham, Lokomotiv and with the life of the footballer.’


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  1. I think Harry should learn Russian to make Pav feel at home:

    Lesson 1:

    Triffic = потрясающий

    When I came here, we only had 2 points from 8 games = когда я приехал сюда, мы только имели 2 пункта от 8 игр

  2. If they offered us £15M for Pav, I'd say take it (though they won't). He is among the goals, but, as things stand he still needs five chances to hit the target and he still can't speak any English. I think Harry's attitude has been spot on, because he has said 'show me you want to play for us by training well and learning the language. Pav has done neither and got into the team on the basis of our need in an injury crisis. The question, for me is: 'How high would the price have to go in order for us to sell him ….' It certainly isn't as high as £20M.

  3. Tell you what how about we sell you pie and a pint for twenty million quid and we throw in super Pav for free? Jog on son. Kept saying that this player would come good now he is people are taking notice. A lot of it has to do 1.our injuries has given him his chance and 2. As much as I rate Robbie Keane his loan to Celtic has contributed as well as Pav being a fantastic player in his own right, so what have we learned? Firstly barring injuries and suspensions its got to be Pav and Defoe starting for us and secondly the player has the stomach for the fight, I think being honest I thought we would lose Pav last transfer window and that our Arry was just saying nice things to keep the player sweet I’m so glad that we didn’t buckle and sell him on the cheap. Listen boys and girls regardless of what happens for us this season if that Sandra we just bought turns out good and we keep Wilson Bentley Bale Hudd and the rest maybe sell BAE and JJ get cover for Gomes couple in defence we looking good of course finishing fourth and hopefully winning the cup goes a long way to getting us certain players but wow this feeling is quite heady dare to dream. If we didn’t have so many players out I wouldn’t be worried about our tough April fixtures. Lillywhitetilidie

  4. Why would 'Arry or anyone else for that matter care whether he trains hard or has even bothered to learn english, I'm sure he's learnt the phrases; "Down the line Pav" and "Get into the box Pav"…and whilst he's scored 8 goals in 9 appearances, that should be the most important thing, right ? Regardless of injuries to other players, or not. Stupid argument in my opinion.

  5. Pavlyuchenko is an instinctive Goal scorer thats his skill and given more game playing time more goals will come…Make him a Big part of the tottenham future…Coys..


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