“I’m ready now to listen to offers from other clubs”


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Tottenham Hotspur striker Roman Pavlyuchenko has admitted that he is ready to leave the club to safeguard his dream of playing at next year’s World Cup.

The Russian international has only appeared once this season as an 89th minute subsitute and is frustrated at the lack of first-team opportunities.

‘No footballer likes being on the bench game after game,’ He said.

‘I could lose my place in the Russian squad for the 2010 World Cup.

‘I’m ready now to listen to offers from other clubs. But I can’t say anything concrete right now.’

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  1. Did he actual make this statement or is this more crap drummed up by putting 2 and 2 together? No one would be silly enough to make such a statement, if anything this came from his agent was paraphrased.

  2. How sad, Pav is quality but Arry wont stop Bumming Crouchy, i noticed also another report that Crounch will make is full Debut for Tottenham in the midweek Cup game, WHY ???????? He has not had as much playing time as Pav so why has he been given the nod infront of Pav ??????????????
    Come on Arry, stop bumming Crouchy and give Pav the chance he deserves….


  3. This was always on the cards, if this is true and he has publicly stated he wants a move then sell (obviously for the right price) it seems impossible to me to be able to keep 4 top strikers happy.

  4. @Bandit, an example of Arry bummy Crouchy would be the Liverpool game, Arry himself admitted that Crouchy was short of first team practice in the close season. We are playing liverpool, and he brings Crouch on with the 10 or 15 mins to go. NOT Pav who scored the weekend before for us in the friendly and set a goal up, and whole also scored midweek for Russia, No not PAV, but his bumbandit buddie Crouchy who by Arrys own admission was not match fit…….. thats A example of Arry bumming Crouchy…… anyone got anymore ?


  5. Its a pitty realy. Pav is much better quality. Very surprised to see Crouch coming in as sub to Keane. If he doesn’t play in the cup game, can’t blame him for wanting to leave.

  6. This is normal in a team of professionals. Emotions do get the coverage of medias. Players know that the season is long and a lot of cup games to be played. They do get injured, goal drought or off key. They know that the competition will be at the highest level. But one thing to remember what Harry said in pre-season; “They (the strickers) should make me happy and the fans happy.”

  7. Another Russian player fails to settle in Britain. No surprise there then. Take the money while he’s still highly rated on the continent and buy someone else. Move on.

  8. Sell him and buy a young and up and coming striker or promote Dos Santos as the new number 4. I too agree with others here that Pav is better than Crouch, but if he does not want to sit on the bench then we have to get rid of him.

  9. i also agree that Pav posses more quality than Crouch but i believe if he is patient his chance will come, its a very long season and we'll need all our strikers


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