‘In big trouble’ – Former football star sends warning to Tottenham player


Tottenham Hotspur will now be looking ahead to the new Premier League season, with just a couple of weeks to go until the squad meet up for their first preparations.

However, this also means that the squad still has a couple of weeks left to relax on their holidays before getting their heads down for another gruelling campaign.

Dele Alli certainly took advantage of this opportunity, flying out to the Greek island of Mykonos with his girlfriend Ruby Mae to enjoy some sun.

Unfortunately, Dele found himself covering the back pages this morning, as he was spotted allegedly passed out on a sun lounger.

The Sun reported that Dele had been drinking in the 33-degree heat and subsequently passed out and could not be woken by his girlfriend.

Ruby subsequently called for security guards to help carry the Tottenham and England man away, giving the press the perfect shots for tomorrow’s editions.

Ex-Sunderland star, Micky Gray, has now warned that Dele will have to be careful when it comes to social media and the like, otherwise he could end up in big trouble.

Gray said (talkSPORT): “I’m not going to sit here and say that football hasn’t changed. We all keep talking about it every single day.

“But social media wasn’t around when I was around. You could go and let your hair down for a couple of weeks. You could go on a lads holiday.

“But eventually it’s grown into the game and there are people with phones all over the world.

“So wherever [players] go on holiday, they know there’s an eye on them looking at what they are doing.

“Now if Dele is drunk… he probably didn’t think he was going to find himself on the front pages of the newspaper – but he has done now.

“So an answer has got to come from himself or from the club or he might find himself going back to pre-season and be in big trouble.

“You’ve worked your socks off for ten months of the season, got to a Champions League final.

“I’m not saying he’s played every single week but you go on holiday and he’s probably thought to himself: ‘I have earned these two weeks of holiday and I can do what I want. When the season starts, I won’t be doing this kind of thing’.

“He’s probably thinking: ‘Please don’t take a photograph and let me enjoy myself’.

“But it’s there. social media is there now. You HAVE to be careful all 12 months of the year.”

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  1. Easy to pass judgement without the full facts, and could easily be a case of sunstroke due to extreme weather. But to be honest this judgemental attitude is tiresome ireespective of the reason, even footballers are entitled to let their hair down every once in a while and its not like he’s causing a huge fuss or acting wildly or badly!

  2. Nonsense,was he in a fight?,with a prostitute?.on drugs? give the lad a break.Any man who has not had a boozy day is a rare animal Do no make a habit of it,simple.

  3. Wow it’s amazing what upsets people these days, a young lad in his 20’s goes on holiday and……wait for it…….HE GETS DRUNK……OMG, NO WAY, DID HE? People have become so sensitive and unforgiving, imo Dele has nothing to apologise for, well maybe to his girlfriend but not to us strangers also imo the pratts that thought this was headline news should apologise to him. The kid works hard and stays away from partying for 10 months of the year and he was in 33 degree heat so it hit him hard, we have all been there! When he scores a goal for England he’s a hero, well that’s until he has a few too many drinks on his holidays…Be ashamed of yourselves

  4. a few days ago he was ion USA – supposed to have broken up with the girlfriend Ruby May – so how truthful is this article???

  5. Dele had a sht seaason last year … Fame has got to his head and he’s turned into a diva … Not hungry anymore .. cash in now!


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