An inept performance


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It was a pretty inept performance against Inter, and to be honest we were very lucky to go through.

It was as though we had no idea, no pace in the team, nothing up front, bad defending and no quality in midfield. All in all, an extremely poor performance by the whole team. No blame on the mnager, just the players were just bad on the night.

And whilst on the subject of players, I think that if we really have ambitions for the Champions League, the time is right for AVB to drop Kyle Walker. Walker basically lost us the points at Liverpool with his ludicrous back pass, and then against Inter he just pushes a player for absolutely no reason giving away a free-kick which they ultimately score from and almost loses us the game. It’s not the first time this season he has made ‘massive’ mistakes, we just cant afford any more at this very important time.

I rather like Walker as a player, but he has lost all confidence and needs not only a break from the team but a kick up the backside. At the moment he is the team’s weakest link, and unless we do something about it, I can see us going backwards for the rest of the season instead of forward.

I am still also still annoyed that we didn’t get a ‘Striker’ in the January transfer window, we are still very light in that department. However, there is nothing we can do about that until the summer now and the last couple of months of the season are going to be nail-biting for all of us. Let’s hope we can put on a decent performance this weekend against Fulham.

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  1. Drop Walker for who though? Naughton? He was atrocious and spent the whole game playing them onside. Bring Adam Smith up….

    • our squad is weak and you are right that until kaboul comes back, we have no alternative that is better than walker. Gallas should have played his last game for spurs after tonight. he is slower than a geriatric tortoise with wooden legs and just plain crap now.

  2. Why the Livermore-Parker midfield partnership? It was atrocious against the scousers and rubbish again today. I cant believe that Dembele in the middle and Holtby on a wing isnt better than the crap we have played in the last two games. This gives us no creativity at all in the middle. I'm worried AVB has done this twice in a row. I will be disgusted at the latest ticket hike if our lack of investment in a decent forward costs us the CL. Where is the oil baron to buy out Lewis?

  3. If we lose to Fulham, which is possible, it will be exactly the same as last season. We re beginning to fade and squad looks knackered. This is a massive weekend. The irony is we go through and got battered, Arsenal lost but beat the best team in Germany. away. Who has more confidence in the run in? Looking all too familiar. And I bet we wait until late September before we make an offer for a striker and fail. I wish Levy would sell. I know its sacrilege cos he's sooo good with money but I think he's gone as far as he can go with Spurs. Like they say in In Bruges – Tottenham are like purgatory – neither good nor bad, heaven or hell.

  4. It's our own stupid fault for loaning out our two reserve strikers after we were left with only the grinning idiot as back-up.

  5. yup i thought the same…why are we playing parker and livermore in midfield….no creativity between both of them….parker needs to do what he did last year..protect the back four…tired of seeing going forward and wasting the ball…then he takes is time back…so he provide less protection for the back…and i mean when him and dembele playing in midfield….he acts as if he his the creative player…parker is get older so he dont av he energy to run forward wit the ball then looses it and run back to tackle…s i think he should jus remain infront of the bac four and do his job as the holding midfielder and allow dembele to go forward.

  6. Yes it was another inept performance. Walker had his usual moment of madness in giving away a stupid free kick that lead to the 3rd goal. AVB needs to take him aside and tell him some home truths, and remind him that we play in white when he takes throw-ins. Defoe & Adebayor were just beyond belief – a previous comment mentioned about loaning out our only other strikers, quite right, but we really needed to buy a quality striker (or two) else this season looks like it will be going the way of the last couple. What we had up front tonight was a waste of two shirts, no wonder we got stuffed.

  7. NorkieSpur you notice that we walker too….i have always said it….walker dont kno how to take throws……godd! he always does it…throw it to the opponent all the time wel aleast it seems as if thats what he his doing…i kno he is a good right back…but he mistakes too often and the ones that ends up costing us….he will be having a good game then jus make n error witout even being under pressure ….and am sorry livermore isnt on the level he shud be to be playing at tottenham…he did nothing on sunday and he did nothing today….cant see why avb played him…..

  8. Well, what a SHAMBLES that was… The word that summed up tonight, from a Spurs perceptive, is NAIVE, and that word applies to AVB and players,alike.

    3-0 up from the first leg, against a DECENT Inter side, and for some reason we seemed set upon the idea of shooting ourselves in the foot! Whereas Walker and co contrived to squander the points, in the most unlikely of circumstances, at Anfield last Sunday. It seemed that it was AVBs turn to get in on the act tonight, by deploying some BIZARRELY, OVERLY OFFENSIVE tactics.

    First there was the use of of TWO STRIKERS, in a game away from home,in a match where we were ALREADY leading 3-0! What on EARTH could Villas Boas of been thinking? How many goals does the guy want to win by? Surely the tactic before the match should have of been to 'keep it tight at the back', and look to frustrate what was an already agitated home crowd. 'Hit them on the break when the opportunities present themselves' and keep hold of the ball'…


    Now, listen, playing with 2 strikers (against what was ULTIMATELY a 5-man Inter midfield with Cassano dropping deep) ISN'T the end of the world providing that one of OUR FRONT-MEN drops back into the midfield to occupy the extra man. This was something NEITHER Ade OR Defoe did to any great effect, meaning that Livermore and Parker WERE OUTNUMBERED in the middle of the park.

    Surely you lose a goal, IDENTIFY the problem and make the required change at half-time (still with the security of a 2-0 cushion)? Not AVB…. Not today!!!

    Another tactic The BOSS got GLARINGLY WRONG was his decision to use a HIGH-LINE on such a large pitch, WITHOUT having the required INGREDIENTS TO SUPPLEMENT IT!!!
    A high-line works well when the midfield area is congested and there is little time on the ball. As things were, there was PLENTY OF ROOM in the centre of the field, AND with CASSANO constantly dropping deep to collect the ball, Spurs were woefully OUTNUMBERED and EXPOSED, allowing the Italians both TIME and SPACE to simply CLIP long passes over the top of our defence! It WASN'T ROCKET SCIENCE OR GREAT PLAY Inter was BATTERING US WITH, it was the kind of you might see at an UNDER 18's match.

    AVB deploying such an aggressive/offensive tactic in a match we were already winning, ONLY SERVED IN ENCOURAGING INTER and THEIR CROWD.
    The amount of times Spurs were 'DONE' with a simple ball over the top or through the middle was RIDICULOUS and still the manager WAITED UNTIL WE WERE 2-0 DOWN BEFORE ACTING.

    Well by that time, Inter, had smelt blood and so did their fans. From that point on, it was ALWAYS going to be an uphill fight and credit MUST go to the LADS in the end for showing the kind of character that is becoming the hallmark of this Spurs side.

    To be fair to AVB, he hasn't got his tactics WRONG on many occasions, and after a bright start, the lads REALLY did let HIM and the CLUB down.

    Make no mistake, tonight's performance WILL only intensify the (LUDICROUS) accusations that Spurs are a one man team, and that really NEEDN'T of been the case.

    Had Spurs set up with a 5-man midfield and a deeper back-line to start off with, I am in no doubt that we would have had a relatively COMFORTABLE NIGHT. As it was, I feel the lads are going to NEED a BIG HAND from the crowd come Sunday, for what promises to be a battle, against a dangerous Fulham side.

    Oh, what it is to be a Spurs fan, eh!?

      • I think your right. It's not my best work…In a rush, and swept away by my emotions. Next time, I shall take greater care!

    • I agree with you totally avb tatics were wrong playing 2 strikers especially has defoe and adebayor do not want to play with each other . Livermre was not good walker was shocking and we didnt want to attack i was souting at the tv from 1 nil down to take of livermore or a striker and put lnnon on so he can releive our defense . Against livepool we missed lennon playing dembele on right wing exposed walker

      • Lloris is another KEY ingredient in playing the high line. AVB must realise Friedel can't support it in the same way!.

        There is no need to panic, but lesson have to be learnt!!!

  9. Defoe, adebayor, naughton, Livermore, Parker and Gallas should be told now to instruct their agents to find new clubs for next season. Absolutely appalling performance by most of the team. And quite why AVB decided to play both Defoe and adebayor when defending a 3-0 advantage away from home illustrates naïveté at best.

    Roll on the Summer, as another season in this 2nd rate competition beckons on current form.

  10. Total over reaction as per usual, which part of we are through do you lot not understand. here we have the Inter manager saying it was their best game of the season and $ for $ the value of each team shows up the gulf in the class of players on the field. Let alone the wages paid. How many Spurs player on the pitch today would oust their opposing number. Inter are a very good squad up until tonight playing below their abilities. So from me a big positive thumbs up from me for Spurs the stats weren't too bad either considering we were away some second stringers playing and extra time in a cauldron of abuse…WE are through….

    • its a momentum thing. we have been playing poorly for a while, in my opinion, and the last two seasons have shown that we come to rely on second-stringers when our overworked first eleven get injured or dip in form. parker isn't a sandro, but is a good replacement. livermore is toilet and without bale and lennon, we are completely f*****. defoe and adebayor wouldnt get in any decent side – even everton and west brom have better up front.

      as much as i want us to win, i wouldnt put a penny of my money on spurs in this competition and wouldnt wager much on a top 4 spot. looks the same as last year to me, apart from levy and co doing better for themselves in the transfer window by not buying enough of what we need.

    • When your team gets beaten 4-1, I think people are entitled to ask a few questions. Tonight was NEVER going to be easy, but I believe we made it an AWFUL lot harder than it should of been.
      You are right though, we are through ( albeit by the skin of our teeth) and the lads DID show tremendous courage/desire to get that away goal under the circumstances.

      I don't agree with your point about there being a gulf in class between the 2 sides. Spurs started the game well and looked the MOST accomplished side (technically) whilst in possession.
      I believe it was just a case of Tottenham setting up with a VERY,VERY open team, deploying extremely offensive tactics and not being good enough to pull them off on the night.
      But considering the club entered the match in such a comfortable position, I found the decision to go out with the tactics we did, extremely surprising and to a large degree naive.

      I also forgot to add in my previous post that Hugo Lloris is a BIG part of Spurs' 'insurance policy' when utilising a high-line. Lloris is a big part of us using such an high risk manoeuvre, and his presence tonight was sorely missed. Again, this was something I was disappointed with, as it seemed we did NOT take that into consideration whilst thinking about our strategy!

      Harsh lesson tonight, but it is one we must learn from if we are to SERIOUSLY compete in next season CL.

      • Just a point I'd like to make, If the two legs were played in reverse and the results were the same I'm sure that the comments being made would be totally different to the ones being written on here….A win is a win and the result no matter how squeaky and ugly is a positive one for Spurs.

  11. Gallas, Livermore, Naughton, Parker, Defoe, Adebayor, I aggree, shud be shipped OUT.

    Livermore and Parker , pairing in midfield. Naughton, even worst, he doesn’t know what to do once he goes up, he seems LOST. Livermore was lost. Defoe was lost. Ade hesitates, doesn’t want to get more involved. Parker tried, but not as skillfull and elusive like DEMBELLE.

    Gallas, in d pasr has been a weak link. And he IS D captain. And he scolds, not MOTIVATE, even tho HE IS AT Fault.


  12. Gallas, Livermore, Naughton, Defoe, Adebayor, shud all be shipped OUT. Given many chances, they are not contributing to the team.
    Worst culprit is Gallas, he is, has been a weak link, and he seems to SCOLD, rather than Motivate, AND he was at fault. Naughton, he doesn't know what to do, when he runs up to the halve way line.
    Livermore is stuck in midfield or passes backwards.
    AVB, Can U SEE.

  13. Well what can you say that hasn’t already been said by so many? Tonight’s performance against inter Milan was simply deplorable and really if we play that badly and get through to the next round then should thank our lucky stars. I’m sorry I might come in for some stick in saying this but Firstly we really need to stop playing Brad in goal now because tonight he looked all of his forty years. Secondly why in heavens name are we even bothering with Adebayor? The guy is useless. Why hasn’t AVB taken this opportunity to blood one of the young strikers pushing for a chance because from what I saw of Adebayor tonight they really couldn’t do any worse than he did and they’d probably show more endeavour than him too. One of my best mates who just happens to be a gooner warned me about adebayor before we bought him and he’s proven to be exactly correct which is why he is never really considered to be part of any team set up. More of a journeyman mercenary. Gun for hire if you will. Gets the initial job done but then sits in the saloon drinking talking about glory days. Let’s just pay that this doesn’t translate to the premiership because I really don’t wish to have to change my mobile telephone number. AGAIN.

  14. On tonight's performance you can't blame anyone calling us a one man team, we were dreadful.
    I worry now for the rest of the season as we enter our annual period of historical free fall. Arsenal will steam ahead like a train now which is what they do at this point every season.
    If Walker is allowed to continue to wear his kamikaze kit every game then we are always going to be on a knife edge. We now know we have virtually nothing upfront unless Bale is scoring. Ade is awful and Defoe had lost his scoring boots before he got injured and has come back without them also so we are in trouble.

  15. It's easy to say AVB was naive but if the Inter from the first leg had have turned up again, then Ade and Defoe might have scored one or two and got some confidence. And Cassano had a brilliant game – the best individual performance we've played against for a long time I think.

  16. I do wonder what´s up with Walker. Really undisciplined for the free kick that led to the third. The second came down his side too, but the first….he has bombed on down the right and they get a goal kick and he jogs and jogs and jogs back…must have seen the empty space where he should be and the Inter player about to occupy it, but no rush, it´ll be ok, except it wasn´t and the Inter player has a free header. Not that Dembele was in any rush to cover.
    AVB said it was good to see the desire. Ok they got going at the end when they had the shock of their lives, but earlier. Defoe´s desire? Ade´s desire?

    And btw has anyone noticed that Defoe doesn´t score after Christmas. Check out the stats. Is it in his contract or something?

  17. I am an avid admirer of CheekyCokney and his articles. I do not always totally agree with what he says, but i do most of the time. It is becasue of this that a couple of you have said AVB and the team were Naive last night against Milan, that i remember a few months back when Cheeky said AVB was naive – his article heading was NAIVE – and over 100 comments blasted Cheeky – most of them very rude and abusive – for saying what he did. Now it appears that everyone is agreeing with him. So to all those who blasted him last time, you are all a waste of time.

    This article is really good and to the point and as always states the feelings of many. Keep up the good work Cheeky, and in the famous words 'dont let the bastards grind you down'

  18. Reading through some of the comments it seems a number of people are upset that we lent out strikers Obika and Kane. Personally, i dont think either of them are Premiership standard. To be fair, Obika has not been given a chance, but in the games that Kane played for us, he was simply out of his depth. I think he has found his niche in the Championship (the old 1st Division). I dont think he will ever be good enough in a higher league.

    Basically, we need a 'world class striker' (in fact two), and 'IF' we get into the Champions League we may be able to get one. If we dont, then it's Ade & Defoe for another season i feel.

    By CheekyCockney

  19. The first goal came from Walker and Dembele not making the effort to get back. The other goals were little better defensively. And don’t forget the lob onto the bar and the last minute sitter that Inter missed. We didn’t know what to do once Inter scored…..shut up shop or get the away goal. So we did neither. Parker gets nosebleeds when he crosses the halfway line. Dembele is wasted out wide. Naughton is one~footed and doesnt keep position. Walker is reaching comedy status…….remember Atouba? Friedel isn’t Lloris…..its why we bought Lloris! Gallas is two years past his sell~by. Defoe has only made one assist all season…… Suarez. Adebayor can’t even claim that honour. Even his goal was a two footed tackle. Holtby needs to CALM DOWN. AVB needs to rethink his Europa strategy…..we either go all out to win it or we don’t bother. Personally i hope we do win it…….nobody has a bus parade for finishing 4th. But both should be in reach with the right players on the pitch and bench.


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