Is this Spurs new home kit for 2018/19 season??

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

As we head in to the business end of the season focus already begins to turn to the 2018/19 season.

Presumably Mauricio and Daniel Levy are working on a shiny new “marquee” signing to go along with our shiny new stadium and to perhaps soften the blow of the shiny new season ticket.

But also on the agenda will be the new kit, something quite significant really as we enter a new and hopefully successful era for the club.

We are one year into our Nike deal and as per internet there will be “leaks” a plenty doing the rounds between now and the scheduled release.

The supposed 2018/19 campaign one has an attractive navy blue fade at the bottom of our usual white shirt. The shield around the crest has also been removed and it looks as if there is a bit more detail as well as colour.

Now this is by no means confirmed and we are sure there will be a few more rumoured incarnations, so we’ll just have to bide our time.

So what do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts.

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  1. Horrible looking thing. Too much dark blue at the bottom. Penultimate paragraph is a bit of a mess: ‘concerned’ should be ‘confirmed’, and ‘like’ should be between ‘looks’ and ‘we’ll’; and that’s not even mentioning the missing full stop after ‘rumoured’ in the same paragraph. COYS!

  2. Trev.
    This is horrible,one of the worst we’ve had. Why not have the old traditional kit for the first season in the new Stadium, out of respect for all the old players that played at the Lane? but I don’t suppose that would suit Nike.

  3. It’s a fake. First of all, it is well-known that there will be no shield as part of the badge, beyond this season, where it was incorporated to “protect” the team whilst playing away from our home. Secondly, Nike doesn’t do “fussy” designs – part of the appeal is the cleanliness and simplicity of the Nike style, over and above the hideous shirts that were delivered by Under Armour…


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