“It was a nailed-on penalty and I suppose a sending off for Carvalho”


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Harry Redknapp felt that Robbie Keane was ‘too honest’ not to go to ground in a decision which cost Tottenham a penalty during Sunday’s defeat at Chelsea.

With the score at 1-0, Keane was brought down in the box by Chelsea defender Ricardo Carvalho.

He said: “It was a nailed-on penalty and I suppose a sending off for Carvalho.

“But if the ref felt it was a dive then he should have given Robbie a red card.

“It was either a dive or a penalty. It wasn’t nothing.

“We had a diabolical penalty decision from Howard Webb against Manchester United at Old Trafford last season when we were leading 2-0 and he apologised to me after that game.

“Now Robbie has been penalised for being too honest. He tried to stay on his feet instead of going down with the first contact and then lost his balance.

“There’s been a lot of talk lately about diving and I think it plays on people’s minds. Players are scared to go down if they’re going to get a card for diving.”

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  1. The penalty should have bean given but what staggered me was chelseas physical presence we bounced of them and where bullied not only buy drogba but all there players they run faster passed faster tackled with speed and scored with speed and they played in the week incredible and all the four teams played better in the second half .These energised teams all have the same come back abilaty and play with the same tempo arsenal utd liverpool chelsea all have players with gaunt faces dont tire and play way above there normal speed except in euroupean games away from home .Never mind the penalty why have they waited till they haveplayed spurs to be hailed has great teams when utd got beat by burnley and chelsea struggled against hull and stoke . both chelsea and utd played a lot slower in the champs league for a very good reason ufa have warned all teams they will be looking for dodgy energy and unlike the prem we have the same body testing players that also promote sport a bit like the police policing themselves .Add to this the FA who are run by men who have teams playing in the prem like barwick liverpool and there is why the cartel will remain at the top table and a blind eye given to suspect energy abuse plus refs just in case there in trouble like utds late late goal. Dont look at spurs performance question chelsea why they came out like utd not leggy but fired up so mutch drogba ran himself into a stretcher kicking fresh air and why essien cought Lennon who had a good five yards start and why he couldent take ashley cole on the outside because he was to fast a player he has beat loads of times and evra last week .Hi no but you can find these answers if you ring peter parker at uk sport drug testing agency because this energy is getting bigger and more desperste teams are turning to this for 3 valuble points

  2. I’ve seen a few sites where it’s atated “There wasn’t enough contact” and “keane went down after sending the ball to far”. I’m sorry but Carvalho missed the ball and took keane. I’ve seen diving of the most heinous kind given a penalty and therefore these kind of decision will only make the worst part of the beautiful game become more acceptable.

    That said i’ve got to agree with davespurs, we were second best and chelsea rightly beat us. I’d be happier with wins against smaller teams and losses against the “big 4” than vice versa (i.e last season)


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