‘It’s upsetting him’ – Ex-Spurs man suggests Levy is fearful of ‘shift in power’

Daniel Levy
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Alan Hutton has suggested that Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is worried about the implications of Newcastle United’s takeover, but is not surprised that clubs are opposing the deal. 

The Magpies were recently taken over by a Saudi-led consortium in a reported £300 million deal, which is could propel the football club up the football ladder in the long term.

Concerns regarding its integrity have since risen between fans and club chiefs alike, where it has been reported by the Daily Mail that Spurs man Levy has been leading the efforts for Newcastle to be prevented from securing a lucrative sponsorship deal. 

It has been said that Spurs and the other 18 clubs are lobbying against the Premier League’s decision to grant the takeover and are demanding answers as to why the new owners were allowed to take control. 

Ex-Spurs defender Hutton believes Levy is afraid of Newcastle’s power which could displace his former side’s position in the table going forward, but adds there is a good reason for chiefs to feel unhappy with the league’s decision. 

He told Football Insider: “It doesn’t surprise me that Daniel Levy’s mentioned, that it’s upsetting him.

“A lot of these clubs, you can see what their fear is. It’s about dropping down the pecking order again. 

“Tottenham went out, they were one of the top four teams in the country. They have the big new stadium, the training ground. But in the actual market, they have not had the backing they want over the last three, four years.

“He’s now seeing another massive power coming in. A shift in power, if you want, that’s going to knock them down a peg or two. They don’t want that. That’s why he’s obviously against it but this is how football is at the moment.

Hutton added: “A lot of these foreign owners with lots of money are coming into the league. They’re buying clubs, going through all the checks, passing them.

“Newcastle over the past X amount of years haven’t spent a lot of money. That allows them, maybe, in January to go really go for it.

“It’s really interesting at the moment. It doesn’t surprise me that there are clubs against it.”

Spurs Web Opinion 

The takeover has angered fans and stakeholders at a host of clubs in the Premier League in fear of the integrity and past accusations of humanitarian issues surrounding Newcastle’s new owners.

The spending power, if used well, will likely send the club further up the table, and will directly challenge Spurs for the European spots. 

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