Livermore hoping for more chances to impress


Jake Livermore - Tottenham Hotspur News

Jake Livermore is hoping to have more chances to prove he has the quality to be in Tottenham’s plans.

Livermore was starting his second first-team game for the club and scored a well taken third goal in the 5-0 demolition of Hearts.

He said: “We’ve got a big squad with quality throughout but hopefully I can get my chance like I did tonight and take it.”

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  1. played well and has got himself in to good shape, easily takes Jenus' place imo..shame for him there is an almighty list of midfielders ahead of him in harrys eyes.

  2. Yep, I agree, easily should take Jenas’ place in the team, I appreciate Jenas’ commitment to the cause and and the respect that he has shown badge, but I’d be happy to see Livermore replace Jenas, I think it would freshen up the team, I believe a good balance of Youth and experience is what we need, to keep having good talent come through we need to allow them space and time to grow and develop and this would be a move I would love to see, as with Danny Rose I think he can develop into a valuable squad player at at his young age.

  3. Excellent points regarding him taking Jenas's place. Based on this, admitedly limited, viewing it doesn't look like Jenas has anything over him. If anything he will probably try harder, got more balls to try things in a match, lower wages, home-grown, and less injury prone. Bonus.

    Get Jenas off the wage bill, we don't need his unambitious presence at the club. Surplus.

  4. I saw Livermore and Townsend at Barnet both were not exactly saying "Premier League here I come" but they may have been taking it easy.


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