Jenas linked with £7million Spurs exit


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Stoke City are ready to launch a £7million bid for Tottenham’s Jermaine Jenas.

According to the Sunday Mirror, Tony Pulis has targeted the out-of-favour Spurs midfielder as the player to add some energy to his midfield.

Jenas struggled to hold down a place in Harry Redknapp’s side last season and is thought to be ready for a new challenge.


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  1. wow £7 million really??? I'd be happy to give him away. Good riddons to the biggest pile of horse shit ever to pull on a spurs shirt ( apart from sol the knob head of course )

    • Did you think he was the 'biggest pile of horseshit ever to pull on a Spurs shirt' the day he dribbled 30 yards to bend a curler into the top corner to secure a point against Arsenal? No, thought not. Fool. He's out of form and not a Champions League player for sure, but that doesn't make him terrible. He's served us well but it is time to move on. 7mil would be a fair price, and he'd do a great job at Stoke.

  2. i actually like jj….however he has constantly flattered to decieve in tottenham colours….so much talent but not shown often enough (except vs scum)…..£7 million is a decent price for both clubs…will be the best player at stoke by a mile, n only got the prospect of bench warming at spurs…now if we could only flog PSB, hutton, GDS, and O'Hara, that would give us at least £30 million to strengthen an already impressive squad…COYS

  3. We can all laugh are way to the bank if this one goes through. haha £7 million seriously sounds to good to be true

  4. if this is true….. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he's been an nuisance since he came. finally oh finally!
    Jermain Jenas has hair on his………….. ear

  5. There is no way we would get 7m for the most unconcentrating player in the premier league. We doesnt even know how to play a one two. I watched him for years pass the call to a player, then stand directly behind the opposition player. The player is brainless.Im amazed he passed his theory test at driving. Can someone check that out.He may be driving without a license.

  6. 7ml what is that yen or something ,you are kidding .Not even Sunderland would give us that money.Maybe we can flog him to manure for 20ml they like our rejects.

  7. Quick, settle the deal, we want the money. After that, Robbie Keane – we gotta find out what his other ‘childhood clubs’ are and then tout him to them.

  8. This story appears to be too good to be true- the sooner we get rid of JJ the better it will be for everyone. His destiny is outside WHL and we shouldn’t quibble about price.

  9. Well I cant see him going to Stoke, no disrespect to them intended, but its hardly a Jenas type club is it?. Perhaps a deal with West Ham for a Parker exchange would be more likely?. We'd be getting a tenacious player with a brain, and they wont be!

  10. Yidoo u are a ledge saying that made me chuckle
    the guy is dire him keane out please the guy never plays well or ok for that matter 7 million my days if they are willing to pay they are abit srupid to be honest but im not gonna complain

  11. If it quack's and waddle's then it's a duck…well apparently not, in our case a lame dead turkey. A load of shite, yet thanks for the goals against the scum JJ . Now kindly make like a tree and leave


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