Jordan surprise at Spurs exit


Joe Jordan has expressed his surprise and disappointment at the sacking of Harry Redknapp and his own departure from Tottenham Hotspur.

Spurs announced the exit of Jordan and fellow backroom member Kevin Bond this week. Jordan was already looking ahead to the season at Spirs and revealed that Redknapp had already singled out a couple of new signings.

“You look to improve and we would have,” 60-year-old Jordan told The Daily Star on Sunday.

“I think Harry had his eyes on one or two players who he thought could improve the team.”

“Not for the life of me did I think I would go off on my holiday and return to find my contract had been terminated,” he said.

“I didn’t see it coming. When I left White Hart Lane on the final day of the season I was looking forward not only to the next season – but also the Champions League.

“We improved in each of the seasons we were at Tottenham. Harry would have got the players he wanted and we would have progressed further.”

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  1. What an utter pantload from Jordan. If he couldn't see the train thundering down the line at 'Arry, then his vision is still suffering from Gatuso's little head tap! Want some reasons why 'Arry's gone Joe?
    (1) blowing a 13 point lead while dreaming about the England job (2) overusing the core squad players for the second year in a row which left them tired and lethargic "down the stretch" and tying or losing to team's they should have beaten easily, i.e. Norwich and QPR (3) refusing to sign a new contract when things were going well then trying later, by using his media pals, to force Levy to give him a new one after things imploded!, and worse doing it while Levy was mourning his Mom's death (4) at the same time as (3) admitting he would have taken the England job if it had been offered, a tacit admission it was in his mind all along! Why would any sane person then give this fool a new long-term deal knowing he would quit if Hodgson screwed up and England came "a-calling" to him! (5) And finally just never knowing when to shut his big gob with his inane, embarassing, quotes and monologues!

  2. not having your contract renewed is the sack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!As for Canadoianraptor well I think he got the most right but not about using the squafd; the point is if these twats can't play 46 games odd a season week in week out then they are no good to anyone, a manager should always play his best team. I played 450 amateur games, twice a week and always looked forward to the next game, the more games you play the fitter you get.


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