Jose Mourinho reveals what it was like filming for Amazon’s ‘All or Nothing’ series

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Jose Mourinho has now opened up on what it was like to film Amazon’s new docu-series behind the scenes at Tottenham during his first season in charge.

Mourinho is not just one of the most decorated managers in world football but also one of the game’s most admired personalities, as demonstrated by the reaction that the first three episodes of Amazon Prime’s ‘All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur’.

The Spurs boss was the star of the show in the first three episodes of the documentary, which provided fans with some great insight into the Portuguese coach’s man-management skills.

Speaking about the series, the 57-year-old insisted that all of his interactions with his players were authentic and nothing was done for the cameras.

When asked about his expletive-filled monologue from the show that was previously leaked on social media, Mourinho said (Football.London): “If people only watch the video that was leaked, people will think that I am a crazy guy. I don’t know, but they will see the real Jose.

“As I was saying before, nothing is fake. Lots of people will have a perception about me and now they can confirm if the perception is correct.

“If they misjudge me and they analyse me in the different perspective, I really don’t know. The only thing that I know is that I am that and what they watch is what I am as a football coach in my football, day by day.

“Sometimes I forgot (that there were cameras fixed in his office). I think the beauty of the filmmaker’s work is that nothing is fake.

“People didn’t change behaviours because the cameras were there or because they were thinking about the cameras all the time.

“If I was somebody looking in from the outside, what would attract me about the series would be how genuine and real it is.

“You can only be real if the actors, let’s say that’s all of us, don’t think about it. We just do our lives.

“Basically, for the majority of the time I forgot that the cameras were there or I tried to ignore them, because to do my job properly I cannot check whether the cameras are there.

“Sometimes I felt it was quite weird after. Sometimes, after a certain meeting, reaction, words or approach then you feel yourself feeling like, ‘This is part of my intimacy. This is something that I don’t want people to understand. I don’t want people to know so much inside the intimacy of my work’.

“But in the end, we learned how to live with it and it was fine.

“The dressing room is like a temple. We used to say what happens inside stays inside.

“So to imagine that people would be able to watch a half-time team talk, along with all of the good, bad and crazy moments, is great.

“We are giving people access to all of the things that you normally aren’t able to show and I can promise because I know that everything was real in this case. Nothing was prepared. Everything was just us.”

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Based on Mourinho’s final days at Manchester United, many fans seem to think that he has become cynical and resentful. However, the All or Nothing series showed that the Spurs boss can still be just as charming as he once was and is as motivated to succeed as he was when he first arrived in the Premier League. Mourinho has not managed his public persona well over the last few years but this documentary could help correct some of the misconceptions about him.

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