Kane not Shearer’s level says Spurs legend

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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Former Tottenham winger David Ginola has said he believes it to be premature to compare Man of the Moment Harry Kane and Ginola’s former team mate Alan Shearer.

Shearer is the Premier League all time leading goalscorer with 260 goals and their is plenty of talk of Harry Kane catching the former Newcastle man and perhaps taking over that mantle.

Harry, at 24, already has 82 top flight strikes to his name but Ginola believes he has a lot more to do before being considered as the same level as Shearer.

Speaking on the Alan Brazil show on talksport the Frenchman said “Harry has a long way to go to reach the level of Alan Shearer. There is no doubt he is one of the greatest strikers of English football ever(Shearer)

“When you looked at Alan Shearer on the training ground you could see his ability to score goals was just amazing but during the game-he was the perfect competitor, a fighter on the football pitch”

Shearer believes Kane can at least come close to breaking his record following an impressive start to his career and, if he is indeed to do so, Ginola believes Harry needs to follow the example of the now BBC pundit.

“So for Harry Kane, it is just an example to follow as a striker but there is still a long way to go and he is still a young man but he has plenty to achieve”

Do you think Harry will catch Shearer’s all time record and is Ginola right to be cautious about the comparison of Kane to the former England man? Let us know your thoughts.


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  1. The well-known self-publicist Davide Ginola may be reknowned for the odd spectacular goal, but not for consistency, and certainly not for logic. To compare Harry Kane at 24 to a striker who has completed his career with a high measure of success is a completely pointless exercise, only undertaken in order to draw attention to oneself. Were one to imagine Shearer as a 24yo, however, there would be a point in making comparisons, and the comparison would yield a clear indication that Kane is a very promising phenomenon. There is so much greater an emphasis on defence now, and to score at the rate Kane does is nothing short of amazing, and to do so in the manner that he does adds to the assessment of performance. Kane participates so much more completely in the functioning of his team than Shearer, and is so much more of an all-round player – less a goal poacher/hold-up man, more a false number nine in the manner of Revie, but with the addition of a significantly higher rate of scoring success. The problem for Ginola is that he is so self-obsessed that he cannot bear the comparison to be made, and so he opposes it. As ever your site jumps in and backs him up, in detriment to the player you should be (here’s an important word for a Spurs site) supporting …….

  2. TH Do you think that this questions was framed in a way to produce the response that it did, from David G? It seems to me to the obsession of ‘ the media ‘ to extrapolate all and any morsel of info for stats and talking points, (pointless column inched observation) than it is likely for Ginola to come out speaking about Harry Kane. He is a self-publicist but it’d be unfair to even suggest he accidentally waded in to the already bloated white elephant in the room of englich football. World class blah blah fu*king blah


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