Karren Brady claims Daniel Levy is ‘green with envy’

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

West Ham United’s Vice-Chairman Karren Brady has claimed that Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy will be envious of what West Ham have been able to achieve with the Olympic Stadium. In her column for The Sun, Brady claimed that the fact that West Ham have been able to move into a 60,000 seater stadium in the middle of London at such a low cost, is something that won’t sit well with the Tottenham chairman.

Tottenham are themselves close to completing work on a brand new 62,062-capacity stadium in the same sight where White Hart Lane stood. The stadium which boasts of some state of the art features including a retractable pitch in order to host NFL games has set the club back by a considerable part of a billion pounds by some estimates.

Brady, while writing a piece defending the Manchester United board on their decision to sack Jose Mourinho, delved into West Ham’s achievements in securing the Olympic stadium as her new home.

She wrote, “Engineering a move to a 60,000-seater stadium, slap in the middle of London, our prime area, helping our community in any number of ways, having the cheapest tickets in the Premier League and doing so at a cost that must turn Spurs chairman Daniel Levy green with envy makes me a target for some social media smarties who don’t know a good thing from a kick in the breaches.”

Tottenham also put in a bid for the Olympic stadium a few years ago but the bid was rejected since the Spurs proposal involved getting rid of the running track in the stadium. One thing is for sure – However Levy feels about the stadium, Tottenham fans will certainly be pleased that the club has opted to stay in North London.

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  1. Hahahahahahaha Comical Ali is still alive and kicking.. We’re about to move into the best stadium in the world whilst in the knockout stages of the Champions league, in the league cup semi final and 3rd in the premier league whilst West ham are out of the league cup (courtesy of SPURS) mid table and can only dream of playing in the Champions league, all this from a stadium that they rent and is a far away from being a football stadium as possible.. Yeah I bet he cries himself to sleep every night wishing he was west ham…. hahahaha..

  2. ….and Karren Brady is green with envy of Daniel Levy with the players at his club. Muppet with the porn pimps. Renting a souless place.

  3. Typical Brady… hasn’t got a clue what’s she’s on about… can’t she remember when her own fans were protesting about moving to that stadium?
    Everything she does is for HER own benefit.
    She is Jealous of everyone else.
    Birmingham realised what she was like and binned her off.
    I actually feel sorry for David Could having to see hand hear her pathetic rants…. mind you… she could make a good tea lady?

  4. And what pray do the council tax payers of Greater London think about gifting the Olympic Stadium to West Ham I wonder? Compare the deal that Manchester City got with the West Ham deal. Londoners were robbed blind courtesy of the original myopia of Lord Coe. She would be as well to keep those thoughts to herself (I nearly said keep her big mouth shut but that was asking for the impossible).

    Good result today Karen? Never mind you’ll soon be able to boast that you have the biggest stadium in …. The Championship.

  5. There a better view if you buy tickets to run around the track while watching. You don’t want to be in the stands because everyone needs binoculars to see the players, and spammers with heavy objects can be aggressive.


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