Keane: Harry is brilliant for Tottenham


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Robbie Keane has praised Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp’s management style.

Keane scored four goals in Tottenham’s 5-0 win against Burnley at the weekend and believes that working under an English manager is easier than working under a foreigner.

“Things are looking good,” Keane said. “On the international front we’ll see the outcome of that in a couple of weeks. Domestically we’ve been fantastic.”

“The manager’s been fantastic to all of us,” Keane said. “He speaks perfect English which helps. I’m not talking about anyone before but he gets his point across and you know exactly what he means.

“The players respond to that. As a football man he knows the way he wants to play and it suits us because we like to get the ball down and pass and counter attack. He has been brilliant so far for Tottenham.”

“It takes a while for people to come in and get their ideas across,” Keane said. “Sometimes it is difficult to get it across the way they really want to.

“With Harry you know exactly what he’s saying and what he wants you to do. The lads seem to be responding.”

“He keeps players confident,” Keane said. “The reality is it’s a long season and you’re not going to play every game. With the players we have here there are times you are going to be left out.

“If we want to progress and do well as a team and push into that top four we have to have other lads playing ahead of you.”

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  1. good points. It must of been hard under ramos as he couldnt speak a word of english and poyet would of found it hard to interpret every word and pass it on to the players.

  2. Much as I love ‘Arry, I don’t think that we could claim he speaks ‘perfect English’. If my own children spoke English using his grammar and pronunciation, I’d be quite distressed. However, in comparison to the illiterates who play for him or any of the other clubs, Harry Redknapp could be considered a linguistic genius.

  3. the fact is ….redknapp tells you straight……

    spurs are back…..a few seasons with redknapp can put the club
    back where we belong….on a more permanent basis

  4. Harry is a great players manager but somtimes silly tatically .when we were 3-1 against Utd he swapped a striker for a midfielder when he should have gone three at the back and played all the strikers .Also he played cudicini in both games when is weak points have bean from free kicks and distance shots.Gomes whas outstandind at preston and showed thta he would have saved both goals from giggs and anderson .He then played him against burnley and he nearly dropped a clanger if he plays him at bolton they will pepper him with corners and free kicks with muscles davies .Harry think before you make a big mistake play crouch and Gomes .


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