Keane to be stripped of captaincy


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Reports today are suggesting that Robbie Keane is set to be stripped of the Tottenham captaincy after he led a Christmas party in Dublin without Harry Redknapp’s permission.

Daniel Levy is said to be upset regarding the Irishman’s definace of Redknapp and several board members have expressed a desire to see him sold in January.

Aston Villa, Sunderland and Celtic have all been linked with bids for the forward, although Sunderland have distanced themselves from a move for the time being.

Michael Dawson is expected to be given the captain’s armband on a regular basis, after his performances and attitude have impressed Redknapp since he took over the club last year.

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  1. Where are the REAL Spurs fans gone? Keano is a THFC legend, by any criteria that you want to use. He may have been wrong to lead the ‘Dublin’ gang but, against that, he has done 10 times more for the club than Defoe or Crouch will EVER do. Get a grip….and support our ‘natural’ captain (Ledley had the same dedication…and, perhaps, the same love of a Pint?). Perhaps if the rest of the squad had their leadership quality we would be even higher in the EPL? COYS!

  2. When we first signed Robbie he was the best player we had,he has played his heart out for us and is still a quality player.If he lines up against us for another team I would be very upset,we need to keep the good hard workers he will come back to scoring goals again

  3. The past is the past, My concerns is what is he doing now? and what is he likely to contribute in the near future?… Based on recent performances, not much in my opinion, I think we should sell him and bring in somebody of more quality upfront, sad as it is, it seems his best days are now behind him. Sorry Keano, but you gotta go, for the greater good, we can’t afford to have u around, because ‘he’s a legend’ (thats Bollox)

  4. “Get a grip….and support our ‘natural’ captain ”

    A natural captain does not leave if a “bigger” club comes in for him

  5. This is just more worthless fish wrap speculation. Keane is not going anywhere nor is he going to be stripped of the captaincy. It amazes me that people are so willing to believe the malicious garbage that’s printed in the media. I am sure that there will be a “clear the air” meeting today between Harry and the boys and that will be the end of it. Harry intimated as much in his post match interview after the Blackburn game.

  6. yes keane may have been a good player for spurs in the past but never in a million years should he be captain. it would be brilliant for dawson to get the armband permanantly, it could be the making of him and push him on to the next level, like it did with john terry

  7. disagree Bingy, Keane is not a legend at spurs, he has had too many clubs to be a legend at any. In his time, which is past at the highest level he was a very good player, but his legs have gone and not much else works as well as it did. He has been VERY average all season and he must not stand in the way of freeing up Modric or finding a way to get Krancjar and Modric on the pitch at the same time…if we get any helf decent offer to sell or even loan him in Jan I have bite the arm off…woudl try to find someone with real pace to replace him..

  8. Keane and Berbatov were the deadliest EPL strike partnership of the Noughties without doubt but it’s no coincidence that both of them have faded since they stopped playing together. Their chemistry was special. However, I could not understand why Harry made Keane team captain on his return. I think that decision is now coming back to haunt him. Still a good player? Yes. As good as he was? No. He can still do a good job for somebody but I think his days at Spurs are over.

  9. yes he might be a legend if he don’t go to liverpool in the first place, he is not performing for liverpool nor do now for us. Sell
    him when still have value, we already had 2-3 good strikers. He is
    not the keane that know last 5 years.

  10. A Cunt Says What says:
    December 21, 2009 at 4:23 pm
    This is a load of old bollocks. Dawson is not a first team player, he#’s a squad player. He won’t get the armband.
    What a load of crap, Dawson is a quality player who will get better, as for Keane, he has had his day, went right down in peoples estimation the day he left for the Scousers.

  11. Would love to see Dawson be handed the armband. Hasn’t always been first team choice and never complanied, always works his socks off. Would be great to see that he could rub this on the rest of the squad. Do it Harry!

  12. sell keane while hes still worth a few quid.he went to liverpool ffs!give modric the armband cos believe me he will be a legend unlike keane who is a money chaser!!fuckin love tottenham!

  13. @tophobunty:

    too many clubs? Fuck off – he's been at Spurs for 8 years minus 6 months at Liverpool. He was good enough to see off Defoe once before. He's still our 2nd highest scorer as far as I know. If he has three good games and Defoe does fuck all you'll be calling for Harry to offload Defoe.

    On the other hand, I like the idea of Dawson as captain. Surely Ledley can't go on much more and if Dawson now seems he knows what he should be doing without someone to be there telling him. If he can step up to a regular it can only be good for us. And a centre back captain has got to be better than a centre forward.


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