King set to be handed new Spurs deal


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Tottenham Hotspur are set to hand Ledley King a new one-year contract.

The central defender who suffers from a chronic knee problem has managed to start 13 Premier League games this season.

Harry Redknapp said: ‘He’ll be here next season. We want Ledley as part of this club. He’s been here since he was a boy. You have to look after people like that and he’s up there with the best centre-backs in the country.’

‘We’ve got to keep managing the knee,’ added Redknapp. ‘He’s never going to be right. I’d take him to the World Cup and there’s every chance he’ll go. But if he plays against Egypt then he misses both Saturdays for us.’


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  1. I dont want Ledley to retire but he needs to consider this he is only Twnty nine and to young for a plasic knee i had a plasyic hip aged thirty four. This will be the reality for Ledley if he carry’s on playing .Spurs should let Ledly have is swan song this year lets hope its a succesful one and then let him get is ufa badge and offer him the youth job and our defencive coach job .

  2. i agree with rumour man, ledley is a spurs legend and we do look more solid when he plays but his health is more important. i feel that if he does sign a new deal then it needs to be less then what he gets at the minute, if we qualify for europe, our amount of fixtures will significantly increase and 1 game a week doesnt justify £50k a week (sorry led). i think 1 final season next year in europe then offer him backroom staff in whaatever role he wants!

  3. Players like him are few and far between, everytime he can play he is brilliant for us. It is a tough call and perhaps wise to retain him just purely for the presence and leadership he brings but I dont know how the club can justify 50k a week for 20 odd games a season. Ideally he should have a play as you pay deal and if we qualify for Europe could perhaps play just all the cup games. The club should look after him and I would rather have an injured King than not at all – that’s how highly he is regarded. Legend is bestowed too easily on many players, but he genuinly is one.

  4. deadly leadly is a great player but the time comes when u have to say enough… we look good when he plays but he cant play all the time and i think this is no good for the team as when he is in and out the team it dont help the development of our back line.. let this be his last year and hopefully he can lead us to the champs league.


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