King to choose between Europe and league


Ledley King has reportedly been given the decision to choose between representing Tottenham in the league or in Europe this season.

King has a well-documented knee problem that restricts him from playing two games in a week, meaning it would be difficult for him to manage both campaigns.

Redknapp has admitted his star defender will have to be used sparingly, but will use him if his fitness is up to scratch.

“The truth is Ledley is such a good player for us.

“Hopefully he’ll play every week in the league or in Europe. I might bring a defender in, but we need Ledley fit; he’s that good.

“He’s our most outstanding player and there’s no way we can be without him.”

The Spurs boss has hinted that King may be saved to help Tottenham’s maiden Champions League campaign.

“he will be massive for us in Europe. He’s going to be a big player. He’s as good as any centre-half in the country.”

With Spurs unlikely to mount a serious challenge to win the Champions League, I would personally save King for league fixtures, so we might have another crack at Europe’s premier competition next season.

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  1. Ask the man himself. I am sure King would want some UCL action in his career. He deserves it. Where there is a big league game with no UCL game nearby, use him in the league.

  2. If internazionale can win it, anyone can. But its all about the games isnt it. You play him against Top 7 sides (Top 8, not Villa) and in Europe. 27 games.

  3. Spurs can't honestly believe King will be able to play every week in the league!!! Is his knee suddenly going to get better then. King will hopefully play some of the season as he is class but we would be very wrong to think he will be available every week. Go and buy another top centre back Spurs, time is running out until the season starts.

    • If Harry read enough of these articles/comments, we'd have Richards by now, but it just doesn't seem to work that way :(

      We need another centreback like Richards and another top-quality striker like Tevez, Bellamy (yeh he's a midfielder but looks like a second striker to me) or Djalo who has shown recent interest in joining us :)

  4. How is King suddenly going to be able to play every week in the league??? Is his knee suddenly going to get better then? Hopefully King will be able to play some of the games as he is class but no way will he being playing every week and Spurs would be very wrong to count on that. Come on go and buy another centre back before the season starts.

  5. Surely the decision is key the list of the final 25? Am i right in saying that if we choose to play him only in CL then we have room in the 25 for an additional central defender? (maybe we need one anyway…!!) If however he wants to play in teh league too, we would then have a player in our 25 that cannot commit to all the matches. In theory then we only have twentry four and ahalf p[layers in our league line up? Can we afford to take thsi risk? I know that he is a rock and will have massive impact in any game but would he get us to top four next year by himself? What's interesting is that we have teh CL qualifier before we have to commit to the 25….so until we know that HAVE fully qualified it is a moot point! If we qualify…my vote would be to kep him for CL….

  6. I cannot believe how badly that reads!!! many apologies guys….I will assume you get the point though….if no one responds then I will head back to shool for some grammar and spelling lessons!

  7. will the decision affect the final 25? if so, the decision will not need to be made until after we know if we have qualified for CL. If we (when we) qualify for CL then that would beat least eight games leading up the time when we can re submit an adjusted 25 in January. My view is if we qualify, hten he should be lined up for that campaign only between now and christmas then perhaps guage his fitness and see if we qualify for knowck out stages. Make the next decision in January based on whwere we are. If we leave him our of teh initial 25 to the end ofthe year, then means we have an extra place fo till for the league team….


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