Kranjcar: Dynamo Kiev is a bigger club than Spurs


Niko Kranjcar has apparently got out of the wrong side of bed this morning and has launched a series of attacks against Tottenham and chairman Daniel Levy.

In another story we ran earlier Kranjcar branded Daniel Levy as a ‘liar’ and is now claiming that Dynamo Kiev are a bigger club than Tottenham Hotspur.

Kranjcar struggled to hold down a regular first-team place during his three years at the Lane and has brought up the Berbatov to Manchester United saga.

“I know from my own experience how difficult these people are and how hard it is to break out of a contract with them,” the Croatian told the press.

“Remember Berbatov? And it was the same with me. They held me back for two years, until my new club paid what they were asking and not a pound less.

“That is their speciality. They set unreasonably high transfer demands, but the absurd thing is they always get what they ask for.

“Dynamo Kiev is big on tradition and the fans, and though lots of people will say it’s not like Tottenham, if you look at history, Dynamo Kiev is a bigger club than Spurs.”


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  1. well spurs play in the hardest and fastest league in the world and niko couldn't break into the first team last season so point proven

  2. if they are a bigger club you will be on the bench again because you werent good enough at spurs to play so if you are at shitiev then its obviously smaller and who gives a crap about ukraine football they get so many overseas fans not haha dumb ass small league for small players

  3. case of sour grapes from Kranjcar here ha, you was not not good enough to get into the spurs starting lineup you muppet lol

  4. Niko your a shit player,way to lazy for the premier leauge.Maybe you will get your chance to play football now in cold ukraine,the only thing that highlights ukranine is the women,lol

  5. Idiot!! Wasn’t a good enough player to get a game and warmed the bench for 2 seasons, I’m sure so many players see Chicken Kiev as the dream end to a career! Not Real Madrid or Barcelona! Lets hope they have heated benches in the Ukraine.

  6. The full interview is on the internet somewhere fraid I can't remember where, it's another piece of low-life journalism which only reflects what the journalist wants the article to say and so it is sub-edited in that way.
    Stevemf is right though, if Dynamo is a bigger club than Tottenham then he won't break into the first team and will remain a make-weight in body (as it also appears in mind) for the rest of his career there.

  7. Niko your too f…..g lazy to be playing in the premier leauge. You might become a star now in the cold ukraine.The only thing that highlights ukraine is the woman and vodka,lol

  8. We should not start slagging Karnkie of he is just bitter he had to leave a great club they say silent s is always a sign of satisfaction Kankie is not a happy chappie thanks for the memory's . Just remember its the fans club not Leveys calling Spurs hurts all of us.

    • I take it you dont think Niko was any performance enhancing drugs? Your theory is that all other teams are on something apart from Spurs?

  9. Keep telling yourself that Niko, you just were not good enough for our midfield, in regards to his comment on how hard it is to break out of a contract…you must be as stupid as you look, that is what contracts are for, so grumpy, spoilt little players like you don't destroy the club they play for. Just jog on and enjoy playing for that massive club that everyone is talking about dynamo….umm? Sorry can't remember if it was kiev or Moscow you were ejected to.

  10. Sad isn't it, he was quite a good player. Perhaps this is just gutter journalism he seemed to be a pretty patient bloke sitting on the sidelines under Redknapp. He could pass and shoot well but probably getting out of Spurs no was the best decision as his mobility was always a problem and he probably would have played less under AVB. As for the bigger team thing .. maybe they are .. in the Ukraine. A huge fish in a little pond Spurs are just one of those globally well known teams (big and growing team) on the bigger stage .. close but not quite Kranky ..

  11. Spurs made it hard to break out of his contract? Well, that's what a 'contract' is for – it's a legally binding commitment between two parties. For better or worse you had agreed to it to at the time of signing.
    Or were you distracted by the £££?
    So of course it was difficult to break out of it. Why do footballers think they should just come and go as they please and do what they want?

    Having said that, I do like Niko as a footballer. He does have talent and was severely under-used by us / Redknapp.

  12. Look, I doubt that Kranjcar said all these thing about Levy and Spurs in quite the way it has come out. He must be on drugs if he feels his current Ukranian club being bigger than Spurs. Everything said is subject to interpretation and where a low life so called journalist is involved, comments will be twisted out of all proportion to satisfy himself and if he has no love for Spurs, the knife will be twisted into the hilt for maximum effect. Of course Kranjcar will back his compatriot because if he didnt, his life could be made miserable, it's Craotians against the world. Not too long ago the other rat, sorry Croatian, Chorluka, had his say on the matter from and this appears normal for these Craotians. Needless to say that both players will be remembered as nothing more than bench warmers and surplus to requirements. Far superior players who have adorned our colours and have either moved on or retired from the game, have nothing but fond and happy memories of their time at WHL. Even the moody Bulgarian who left us in a less than honourable way has kept his trap shut and refused to make any kind of comment. That showed class which these Croatians have a distinct lack of.

  13. Its MEANT to be difficult to break a contract. In fact you're not meant to sign one unless you intend to honour it. Bloody footballers.

  14. The thing is dat levy’s askin price is too high !!! £40m ??? Seriously??? Madrid wont play more den 27-30m !!! Levy had a gentlement agreement wid modric… So he shud actually try to negotiate a deal wid madrid & not b firm on 40m cuz madrid wont pay so much for him !!! Spurs need a striker too… I say 27m+jose callejon = modrid !!! Dat type of a deal will suit both parties as striker is on a top of spurs list atm !!! Dey only hv adebayor if we r to believe deal is struck wid city !!! Defoe will b sold…. Dey need anothr striker n callejon will b gud as he is behind both benzema & higuain in madrid !!! So his deparure wont hurt madrid buh mite prove to b real gain for spurs as it’ll solve deyr problm of a striker & also will have some 27m to spend on a midfieldr to replace modric !!!

  15. Dynamo plays in the Champions League every year. They made semifinals and quarterfinals a few times in late 90's. Two years ago they knocked Man City out of the Europa League. They made the semi-final of the Europa League in the last 3 years. They won what was at the time the equivalent of the Champions league multiple time in the 60s and 70s. they have also won the USSR and then the Ukrainian domestic league over 20 times consistently providing the core of the USSR and then Ukrainian national teams. They also produced Shevchenko through their youth ranks who is one of the best strikers in the past 10 years and a top 5 club goalscorer in European competitions. Noone is saying Ukraines league is better than Englad's but Dinamo Kiev is by far a bigger club than Spurs. True Spurs have it much harder in their domestic league and they have had some of their own success on the European stage but please people, wikipedia Dynamo Kiev, this is a big club with a rich history…

  16. Sorry Tottenham what !? You mean Arsenal ? Dinamo is not a bigger club then Arsenal. I nevere even heard about Tot….somethin! Dinamo was good i CL


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