Kranjcar welcomes Van der Vaart arrival at Spurs


Niko Kranjcar

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  1. Not as happy as us fans are. We might never have to see jenas sully the lillywhite jersey ever again. Niko is a class player and I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the same team as VdV.

  2. although jenas gets a bad press from some fans its important that the squad has unity for all the pressures and competitions…….those players who may feel under par in form at times will have to pull their socks up and step up to the plate………its great to be a spurs fan thess days after many years ……of .dominance and arrogance from other clubs……

    lets maintain it and with a great new stadium……..we really are on the map!!

  3. Jenas is great player. Great potential. And he`s young.
    Look at Milner. Also a promising youngster who had many seasons without realy fulfilling his potential.
    There will come a day when Jenas is ready to show his talent. I just hope we get to see that at Spurs, and not because Liverpool or Arsenal signed him for free.

  4. Ingarius – have you ever seen Jenas play? Or are you confusing him with someone else? He can't pass, tackle or shoot, therefore has none of the qualities you need from a box to box midfielder (or any sort of midfielder for that matter). We would be better off playing with 10 men than put that arse on the pitch. I suggest you try watching him play rather than spout that sort of claptrap publicly.

  5. So he`s the same age as VdV. You are probably hoping that VdV can be a good player for Spurs for 4-6 years. Jenas can do the same.
    We have so many players not capable of scoring goals. Modric, Hudd, Palacios, Lennon.
    VdV is a goalscoring Midfielder, and Jenas also has that ability.
    Remember Man U with Giggs, Keane, Scholes, Beckham. All 4 capable of scoring goals.
    We have none.
    Playing 4-5-1, with Bale/Modric, VdV, Jenas, Lennon – in front of Hudd, will give a much more dangerous midfield, and will improve the team alot.
    We should only play 4-4-2 when Keane is playing. He is the only striker capable of opening up a defence for the other strikers to score. But as Keane is out of favour, Jenas CAN be a success this season.

  6. I like JJ ( when he’s on his game and doing the business ). Unfortunately those moments are way too few so I was very surprised he wasn’t sold or loaned out to a club like Villa or Sunderland Birmingham or Stoke. I don’t know what’s happened to the JJ we got from Newcastle I think given where he is in his contract that it will be left to run down and he’s gone on a free because realistically it’s difficult to see him getting a game with the amount of midfield options we have at the club presently. Maybe a new club is just what he needs. Lillywhitetilidie.


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