Lampard shell shocked at Spurs decision


Harry Redknapp - Tottenham Hotspur News

Frank Lampard admits that Harry Redknapp’s sacking by Tottenham came as a shock to him.

Fat Frank helped Chelsea to Champions League glory against Bayern Munich which meant that our four place finish was not good enough for a spot at Europe’s top table next season.

Lampard cited that uncle Harry had taken Spurs from the relegation zone to the Champions League, but the fact of the matter is our results from January were not good enough and ended up costing us dearly as we face another pointless campaign in the Europa League.

Lampard told The Sun: “I feel really bad for Harry, especially as my biggest success in football turned out so unlucky for him.

“He deserved Champions League football. He and Spurs finished fourth. That’s why I’m still shell-shocked by what’s happened.

“I have some mates who are Spurs fans and they are desperately disappointed.

“They remember how they were rock-bottom when Harry came in. Then, all of a sudden, they’re playing in the Champions League and competing at the top.

“He’s done an amazing job.”

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  1. Don't worry boys – if you thought "always good for a quote" Harry was bad – you'll soon all be part of AVB's next "project". LOL – happy days….

  2. ……….the reason the cuzt got sacked was because he took a nice big bung from some cuzt at Arseholes to chuck our 10 point lead down the fukkin swanny!!! Someone tell Lumptard that ffs!!!!

  3. Redknapp took a fukkin bung from Arsenal to fuk up our season, alledgedly! Waht a wanker, glad hes gone after the utter bollox end to last season!!!!

  4. I'm never astonished to see that people take bungs, if fat arry did take a bung it musta been 10 million at least to have any sense but my heart tells me it didnt happen. Hes too much of a real cockney for that.
    Fat Frank? Well don't think so, Franks been a great great example on the field for years if hes a fink off it well I wouldnt know.If we really need a culprit then it must be levy, hes a person that has little understanding of what it means to be a spur , player or supporter. The only person around at the moment who can make spurs the bizz is Capello. He did it for years in Italy and could do it here.

  5. by the way hope you lot didnt get fired up bout England cos the semi finals is as far as they'll go, total crap if they get a good side in front of em.


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