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BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson has predicted that Tottenham Hotspur will draw against QPR on Saturday.

Spurs face a tough trip to Loftus Road on Saturday evening and will be keen to put the 5-1 FA Cup semi-final defeat behind us and finish the season strong with a top four finish.  However Lawro predicts that we are due some more upset by only managing a point against Mark Hughes’ side.

He told BBC Sport Online: “Tottenham’s 5-1 defeat in the FA Cup semi-final flattered Chelsea and I don’t care what anyone else says – awarding the Blues their second goal when the ball did not cross the line completely decided the outcome of that match.

“At the same time, Spurs are just not firing at the moment.

“All of a sudden they have started to make mistakes at the back and, whoever they play, they look very vulnerable. They did not look secure at Wembley, even though Scott Parker was back for that game.

“There are still some good individual performances but they are not quite clicking as a team and I just wonder if they have tensed up a bit, because it does happen sometimes at this stage of the season.

“Spurs played some absolutely brilliant football for weeks and weeks but they have not really looked like their old selves for a couple of months now.

“I don’t buy the theory that they have slumped because of the speculation linking Harry Redknapp with the England job. It might have had a little effect but the biggest factor for me would be what has happened to them mentally.

“It is a bit like a golfer playing really well and leading a tournament going into the final day and, instead of relaxing and playing and showing everyone what a good player he is, he is trying to almost guide the ball around the course, which doesn’t work.

“In a football sense, Tottenham are doing that. Every mistake they make tends to be punished and they are thinking about things a bit too much. It’s unfortunate for them because, when they are confident and playing football at their best, they are a really good side to watch.

“QPR keeping winning then losing – but that is fine as long as it keeps their head above water.

“Djibril Cisse is back from suspension, which will help them here – as long as he manages to stay on the pitch this time.

“Rangers’ run-in is particularly tough on paper but, like I said with Blackburn’s fixtures, who is to know what will happen in the next few weeks?

“Chelsea have got the second leg of their Champions League semi-final to play before they play QPR, and they have got the FA Cup final the week after.

“Mark Hughes’ side have to go to Manchester City on the last day, but City might not have anything to play for by then.

“Prediction: 1-1.”

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  1. I agree with him, I can’t see us winning, no way, they will have more fight and Redknapp wont make the necessary change’s…….

    He has to drop Modric, he will be gone in the summer, isnt performing and has NO fight, he is thinking of the Euros with Croatia…..Bring Sandro in alongside Parker then nobody will mug us off, but keep Lennon and Bale so we have that width

    • I agree. Drop Modric and Adebayor. Play Defoe and Sandro until the end of the season. It is such a shame The Hudd has been injured all season. Spurs have missed his passing ability and vision.

  2. If you right to Ukad and the FA we will win if you don’t it will be one energetic nightmare. Lawro noes tempo and work rate is false especially to a team like QPR at home looming on death row

  3. I also think that Modric should be dropped. Try Bale on the left, Lennon on the right and Parker, Sandro and Van der Vaart in the middle.

  4. Agree with Jay, Lawro is not wrong. Modric is the weak link right now. Sandro and Parker will give the midfield bite we need for games like this.

  5. he was wrong….we lost….unforgiveable performance…spineless…clueless bottlers…redknapp hasnt a bl**dy clue how to affect or change a game…just shove em on an tell em their brilliant. Put this buffoon in charge of england at our peril. I could probably take defeat if we were unlucky n hit the bar/post or the keep had a blinder but we knock it around like its a testimonial & cant even get behind a cr*p defence like QPR's. How do we do newcastle
    5-0 then just meltdown completely. We dont deserve CL football next year so where we finish is where we deserve to be. Harry stop buying old farts and loanies plse for gods sake, we aint Soton or Pompey we are Tottenham.

  6. Gooner in peace…

    3 months ago i was telling my mate at work that the Yids (though i hate your team) will do well this season and they really deserve to be in the top 2 and def above us (crying my heart out). Your fans really deserved it after how many years of input. The manager was on a high. The team was playing well. Unfortunately, things went really really bad. You cant blame the manager when things are going bad. I would blame the players for not giving what they were giving couple of months ago. The manager could not do more even though he is hyped more than anyone else.

    Things went so bad it is unbelievable to think how they turned out to be that bad. You guys gave us hell lol. i am laughing now because my yids mate gave me some of the sticks i will never forget but hey thats why we love football. Your team need a great manager who is dedicating his time and passion to the team and most importantly to the fans. Stick with the team and players but it is not looking good but you guys can still do it. We have to win at least 2 games to be certain of top 4 so we have tough games too. But your manager must bare the blame because he came out a while ago and said " we need to win 4 of our remaining matches to be secured for CL ) , that def didnt not help the team and they took it easy from then on….


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