Lawro predicts Spuirs to beat Blackburn


BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson has predicted that Tottenham Hotspur will beat Blackburn Rovers on Sunday.

He told BBC Sport Online: “Blackburn, quite simply, are in a mess. I know they got a point at QPR and people who were there said they looked a little bit better than the hosts, but that’s not really saying a lot for Blackburn. They also beat Arsenal a few weeks ago but that could have gone either way and Arsenal had enough chances to have cantered away.

“Their only chance of winning this one is if Tottenham buckle in the face of Rovers’ physicality. However, Spurs have a midfield that is more than up to the task and that’s the vital area for me.

“Harry Redknapp would have been chasing his players this week – twice they led at Newcastle and they should have gone on to win, only to draw 2-2. They’ll get chances against Blackburn, though, and I think they’ll take them.

“They were also in European action on Thursday but Harry will play the kids again and make nine odd changes for Sunday, so fatigue won’t be an factor. They’re well in the hunt for fourth place and while fellow-contenders Arsenal continue to look unconvincing, Harry will be desperate to open up as much daylight as possible.

“Prediction: 1-2.”


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  1. Spurs, really need to guage their performance relating to 90 min of play. By taking their foot off the pedal ( probably because of tiring) they let the opposition take control in the dying minutes, like what we have seen at Newcastle. This needs to be addressed by Harry.

  2. Thanks a lot lawro hate it when you predict we will win!! But to be honest I can see this beeing a 4-0 thrashing from us COYS!!

  3. As a Rovers fan, I'm thinking 3-0 to you lot. I'd love a win but just can't see it happening!

    And if you could take our manager back on the coach with you it would be much appreciated!


  4. Roy is quite right, the boys start like they mean business, then let up on the passing, so possession is given away. They then spend the rest of the first half with increasing panic trying to retrieve the lost possession. Second half usually seems better, but always a scramble for survival in the last ten minutes. Misdirected passes must stop. Concentrate! COYS

  5. We need to get the mentality right and the team right to begin with. Neither of which were at Newcastle.

    We were a bit sloppy and Harry played both Luka and Bale out of position. The consequences of this were Luka having little influence and having a poor time defending from an unfamiliar position.

    Will we play 451/4411 away from home with VDV or will Defoe start up front? As our 'only' right winger will Lennon be reinstated to balance the team? Where and to what extend will sandro feature?

  6. On a cold November day in 1952 a similiarly high flying Spurs team took a train journey up North to play a poor Blackburn side. The London papers were full of predictions of a landslide win for the artful Spurs. They lost 3-1 to a physical Blackburn team. Lesson – there are no certain wins in football.


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