Lawro predicts tight Spurs win in FA Cup semi-final


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BBC football pundit Mark Lawrenson has predicted that Tottenham Hotspur will beat Portsmouth in the FA Cup semi-final on Sunday.

He told BBC Sport Online: “Both teams come into this with injury worries – Tottenham defensively, in particular, and Portsmouth, well, everywhere you look in their squad.

“I know some people will have already written Portsmouth off, but the fact is this is their Cup final for so many reasons; they are relegated all but mathematically, every single one of their players is playing either for a move or for a new contract, and the financial reward for reaching a Cup final would be massive for the club.

“Every single person connected with the club has a massive incentive in this match. And if I was [Portsmouth boss] Avram Grant, I’d be urging my players to make it extremely uncomfortable for Spurs. He’s not going to turn Portsmouth into an irresistible attacking force overnight so they have to grind the opposition down, flood the midfield and sneak a result.

“Saying that, I can’t really see past Tottenham winning. I definitely see it being tight, possibly going to extra-time, but Spurs will always cause you problems with their attacking players and that might just be enough to see them through this one.

“Prediction: 1-0.”


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  1. T he reason he is saying this is the Liverpooll connection James and Finnan and like Sunderland they can borrrow some of the high Tempo have a look at it tonight even the creek looks fast its this Tempo and not the players plus the Fa' s and the Referee they appoint. They are bending over backwards to help Pompey they never helped Leeds is this guilty conscience by Schofield for allowing the fat Arab to buy Pompy with no money. I will be glad when this cursed game is over just look at the luck with the goal miles over the line or was it we will never know coys win 4-1 and silence the sympathisers and the guilty for good.because if i see any wrong doing or dodgy Energy then i will go to the news of the world and my old School pal Colin Myler and expose the Team drugs i discovered and can kill and leave players clutching there chest and looking faint like ?

  2. Take a good luck at the red faces and you will see why Sunderland played with so much energey and why Pompy could also play with the same Tempo Zenden James Finnan and the previous game Murphy.

  3. lawro would predict a tight game if we were playing a 1 legged team from the blind school. He is such a bias knob.

  4. but if it was liverpool playing with out torres or gerard the obviously it would be 4-0 lawro you cunt were the only team not to win 1-0 this year do you really think its going to happen v pompy

  5. If you had followed "Lawro's" predictions on the results of Spurs games this season and bet accordingly you would be a very unhappy man by now.But the ego of this 'unlucky expert' is such that he is impervious to criticism.The only thing you can do is to laugh at him and his predictions.

  6. Lawrenson take the squirrel off your head get your bags sorted try to smile now and then,look at the camera instead of the floor,start talking sense then just fuck off.

  7. Bloke is the biggest bell end going.

    So bias towards Liverpool and seems to hate us for some reason.

    If we were playing a scarecrow and 4 pigs he would put us down for a tight narrow game and a lose probably!!

    I could do his job standing on my head.

  8. Oniel its all one word Therumourman and do you want me to lay of the crack, you do relies a crack is a fanny where i come from therumorman likes is crack just has much has the bunnies like there Energy and James and Finnan are both ex Bunnies Mr Oniel if you are a true Yid and not Lawrows love child then listen to uncle therumourman the Fuckers are using Naughty Energy so they can chase after the ball without fainting unless you over do it like my Nani did

    • Divspurs

      Are my eyes deceiving me, or did you just have the gall to correct someone's spelling?

      That's way beyond 'the pot calling the kettle black', it's like 'a 'super-massive black hole' calling the 'complete absence of all light' black'.

      Regarding the drugs, I believe that a course of lithium might do you some good!

  9. KOKO61. Whom do i grass to the Fa you cant because the person who was running it had the same Tye round is neck of the team i discovered . And Uk sport told me they cant catch any one and lets say they do and its you and all your team are taking it are you going to suffer a two year ban the answer is no and there is the problem its to widspread and the only way to stop it is letting them no we no so if i have hurt my fellow fans by saying this then iam truly sorry and mayby the new l Drug testing if its allowed next year will stop teams using this high tempo dangerous way of playing and Nani was one of the lucky ones last year there was dozens who wasent lucky. Coys 4-1 fingers crossed .

  10. Well it would be insulting to say i told you so because my heart is broken also and its not only Pompy But City who are also making Headlines and cant stop scoring . This is just another Footballing mystery like a few others this week Burnley Ross county Pompy just put your money on the underdog and collect your winnings . Hard Luck lads you where always up against it before a ball was kicked and we will need all our luck to beat the opposite to being Skint Man City we could be sunk by no money and plenty money this year and bags of Energy.

  11. Never thought much of Wiley and even less now- some very strange decisions made in extra time…
    While we're at it what does Crouch do apart from run round aimlessly and fall over a lot and pull daft faces ?
    He can go back to plucky Pompey and pluck off.Old man Redknapp is not to be trusted.


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