Leaked emails reveal Daniel Levy ‘hated’ this Premier League pricing decision

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur have quickly become one of the most expensive Premier League teams in terms of season ticket prices in recent years.

Fans can expect some pricey bills once the new stadium finally opens, but at least they can count on their chairman to back cheaper away tickets, right?

Leaked emails, published by Der Spiegel in Germany, have revealed that Daniel Levy actually hated the idea of £30 caps on away tickets (as reported by The Times).

This £30 cap was eventually agreed by the 20 Premier League clubs in March 2016, before being brought back for another three years this month.

Richard Scudamore, Premier League executive chairman at the time, emailed the top six Prem clubs about the proposed cap ahead of this meeting in 2016.

He warned that football clubs had gained a reputation of being ‘greedy bastards’.

However, Daniel Levy still wasn’t a fan of the idea, instead emailing the executives of the other top six clubs stating: ‘Happy to do a call with us 6… I personally hate the idea.’

Scudamore also claimed agreeing to such a cap may help convince government ministers to influence an Ofcom investigation into how the Prem sells TV rights.

The Premier League have not commented on the issue, but Spurs said: “As a club we absolutely supported assisting away fans — however we had proposed our preferred method for supporting away fans which related to assisting with travel costs. The issue was debated and resulted in an unanimous decision to set the away price.”

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