Spurs told to pay £47m for Leandro Damiao


Internacional have made it clear it would take a vast sum to part with Leandro Damiao amid reported interest from Tottenham.

The striker has impressed during Brazil’s Olympic campaign and has scored six goals in four starts to help his country into the final which takes place at Wembley on Saturday.

Internacional are trying to play hard ball by claiming that Spurs will have to stump up £47million to land the 23-year-old. Despite the fact that Damiao has been on our radar for a number of months, every Spurs fan knows that there is no way that Daniel Levy will spend that sort of money on one player alone.

The Brazilian club are in a position where they do not have to sell the player considering he has four years to run on his deal. Levy has a reputation for his negotiation skills, but when you look at this situation even the most ardent of Tottenham fan will have to admit that this deal is a bridge too far.

With just Jermain Defoe as a senior striker on our books we need to bring in another forward before the Newcastle game, and sharpish!

“I think it’s very hard for the transfer to happen unless Tottenham pay the €60million (£47m) buyout fee that is included in his contract,” Internacional president Giovanni Luigi told O Jogo.

“Leandro Damiao has four more years on his contract. He is a very well paid player and has nothing to complain about.

“And we don’t need to sell. We are a rich club with an enviable structure.

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  1. Ha .As a Spur supporter i find this funny.DL has had his chance to buy this guy and now he is out of our league.DL is asking big money for Modric so its only fair International do the same.They are only doing what we have been doing with all players we sell.Karma DL .

  2. It's our own fault, we've been dragging our heels for so long, now he's had such a successful Olympic games his price was always going to go up. Blame our board & Daniel Levy that's what I say. At this rate we're going to end up with two Mickey Mouse strikers, we will have trouble filling a 36,000 all seater stadium let alone a 56,000 seater if we don't buy two decent strikers. Spurs are going to have one of their lowest scoring seasons, I certainly won't be paying to watch that.

  3. Some might say this is comparable to us demanding 40 million for Modders!
    There is a big difference though. Modric is proven in europe, is proven in the PL and is actually WORTH 40 mil quid.
    Damiao, whilst a great prospect, is none of the above. Nobody will pay 47 million for him, not even the Russians. For that money there are 2 or 3 quality strikers we could nab.
    I agree, ditch this 'agreement' with his club. It seems a waste of time dealing with these w*nkers.

  4. I predicted this would happen i knew we would leave it too long so that we could not afford Damiao while his price kept on rising we should have signed him for 20 million last season when we were only offering 11 million , i think our scouts should be sacked i dont know why it took them so long to realize how good damiao is they seemed to be watching every game he plays its so annoying i dont think we will get him now .

  5. Let him go to the Oil slicks we need to sell all our star players and start to build again with youth or we could end up bankrupt chasing Champs league and the overpriced Oil profits run clubs. The fair play league has taken a battering by Psg Chelsea Russian club and Spanish government run clubs Barca and Madrid because . Mr Plattini is silent because Psg is French and spending loads of Money. I fear Football will end up full of corruption and players using drugs chasing mega wages i forecast this and its already happening Rangers Pompy Kolo Toure sudden deaths are the warnings

  6. what arsholes they was saying about 25m would secure damiao b4 the olympics. Shouldnt make the price go up that bloody much! If we dont get damiao then yeah stuff em then end the deal u hav with then! Waist of time and prob money! And we hav been after him for 2years not months!

  7. I dont think it will benefit us to ditch this deal with internacianal they always seem to have great players in there squad , you cannot blame them for trying to get as much as they can for Damiao we have messed them about for at least 3 seasons makind stupid little offers and now its backfired on us . Blame the scouts and Daniel Levy , lets hope he can make them a decent offer of around 25 million pounds it would be the most they have been offered for the player and they might just accept it , Daniel Levy needs to make this signing otherwise there is no way we will get into Europe and we will have the worst season we have had since before Harry Rednapp came to us .

  8. Crikey guys. This was NEVER on the cards. We made an enquiry a while back, got rejected, and that's that. It's over. Why should they sell all their prospects before they have made it? They don't want to sell – especially has the guy's value will go up. As soon as a true moneybags team comes in for him, they will sell – because at least then they know that they have the maximum price for him. Why are people so disappointed? Leandro brings no guarantees. No Brazilian striker has settled in UK and succeed. Very few Brazilian players in any position have done well in UK either. Even at 20m, that is too much of a gamble. We need strikers, but they can come from elsewhere

  9. Hahaha you got to love it ….. It’s a bitch when tight ass tottenham have to pay the big dollars….All you hear is whinge FN whinge… Blah blah blah … Well now…. £40m Modric???Pav?,kranjcar?? Dos Santos ??? Haven’t spuds ask ridiculous amounts for these players b4??? I think u spuds need some cheese with that all that wine we keep hearing… Tight ass tottenham FC

  10. no wonder international presi. says they are a rich club, spurs are making them rich or so they are trying. this agreement with them works one way making international rich! pull out of this partnership daniel and let them find som other suckers.

    • u spot -on,he is a decent guy to have,but DL & his cronies has stuffed this one up.I've been saying for months to get Leandro,but noooo they wanted to wait for a better deal.He was always worth 25-30mil.,now Inter has kicked us in the butt with what they feel is the right price.They are doing to us what we doing to Real,I would have let Luka go for 32-35mil.,get Leandro and what other player, Real would have given with the deal,but now everything has backfired shame on u Daniel Levy for being so arrogant,and u say u are a good bussines man . I would say this is not for the good benefit of the club.

  11. Can’t argue with that. As Real Madrid have found, if a player has for years on his contract and the club don’t need to sell for financial reasons then you pay what the selling club demands or not buy. I agree with Levy’s stance over Modric, but sauce for the goose etc. we must respect Internacional’s position and look elsewhere.

  12. I've been saying this for a very long time(2years) to get this player,but nooooooooo.Daniel Levy is a cheap skate,I said if we want to compete with the best in the league we must get the best.For me as a SPURS fan LEANDRO is the one that would have given us the edge in the box


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