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Aaron Lennon could return to training next week, in a dramatic turn of events.

Lennon has yet to play this year after succumbing to a groin injury in December and it was feared last week that he may not play again this season.

Harry Redknapp claimed last week that, “There is no comeback date at all,” as fears persisted that Lennon could miss the World Cup in the summer.

However, The Sun has claimed that Lennon could return to light training next week and be in contention to return to action against Chelsea on April 17th.

In further good news, David Bentley has been passed fit to play some part in Saturday’s trip to Stoke.

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  1. Good news that he might be back in training- but about dates- we shall have to wait and see. As he could break down again and be forced to have an operation instead…rest is so important=just look at Torres and Gerrard!

  2. I cant understand this injury he is only 22 and the time he has been injured is staggering Benzema is back with a groin injury in one month .how can rest help he must be the most fould player in the world and any tackle could but him out for till next season. Why is it took so long to mend i no he hurt himself in is rehabilitation and also why is Harry talking like he has not got a clue Lennon is not comming back for Spurs but is England place and Harry new this and let him no he could lose out lets hope he has not been tapped or this will nruin our season i miss him and cant wait to see him help us to our mini double Wembley and top four.coys

    • hi koko.

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  3. 6 weeks of rest was to take him to April. I can't see him being in match fitness by mid April after not having played for four months. Just seems like a really good way to get injured again. COYS

  4. There is too many groin injuries at WHL, something is wrong somewhere in the fitness regime or the medi staff? With today`s technology you couldn`t sneak a fag butt through Gatwick/Manchester airports, so why do we have "It`s a mystery to me, injuries? Arry quote.

  5. Your guess is as good as the next Davspur but whatever the reason we have missed him I just hope he doesn’t break down again we need him in an England shirt this summer.

  6. now defoe is out for a few weeks..what the f#ck is going on with our injuries at the moment! Its almost typical of spurs luck..start doing well on the road to champions league..lets have an injury crisis to disrupt us..arsenal fans couldnt have a sweeter dream ffs!

  7. To be fair our injury list the last few seasons has got so much better, I can remember far more players being out in previous seasons. Remember the days of Anderton, Armstrong, Iverson, Ziege and co!

    It's very frustrating at this stage of the season to have so many. 10 players out is quite a total.
    Wolves are beating Villa. Come on the Wolves.

  8. What i cant make is over the last few this was elimanated by good phyisos whats happened has harry got cheaper ones in probably mates of his [joking]yet another one pav now how many is that Thay have got to sort out for next season whats happening with lennon is he being protected for England me presonnally dont give a damn about them Tottenham is all i care about but it is weird jenas had an op and is backdefoe and pav both groins? why didnt lennon are we that crap at trianing ground or has he fallen out with harry over the last time he went off and harry didnt believe ??!! just cant make it out why so many and why is harry so vague shouldnt he be kept upto date

  9. Crouch is pants, he is not good enough for a top 4 club. Even Capello preferred to bring on Heskey from the bench, that says it all. He has no pace, no movement and for a big man he cannot head a ball, yes he does bring us height but you might as well plant an oak tree in the box and aim for a rebound. Remember why we didn`t manage to beat the likes of Hull, Stoke, etc it was because he was playing. Without Pavs goals at the end of the season we would have struggled to make the top 6!


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