Is Levy’s pride being put ahead of Tottenham’s interest?


I have a confession to make that I have a feeling many a Spurs fan reading this column will be all too familiar with as well. Every morning, the second my eyes open there is only one thing that is ever on my mind; ‘check Twitter, check Sky Sports News, see if we’ve signed a striker yet’. Sound familiar?

And yet again this morning, my anticipation quickly vanished when I realised that not only have we not signed a striker today, but that one we had been linked strongly with for the past 2 years has been pretty much priced out of our transfer budget for the next decade as well! Maybe Damiao was just a pipe dream anyway, but if it wasn’t abundantly clear that we couldn’t afford him before it certainly is now.
So who is to blame for all this? Everyone has been quick to point the finger at Levy because it makes sense that we should. I personally believe blaming him for the sake of it is wrong; blaming him because all this may be down to him having a bee in his bonnet against Luka Modric on the other hand may genuinely motivate me to draft a petition to introduce lynching for people who are bloody stupid!

I’m surprised no one has picked up on this before, but when you look back on events it makes perfect sense. Levy pulled off a master stroke last year to keep Modric at the Lane. Although it turned out to be in vain, he still deserves a lot of credit for that. This year Modric again wants a move and as if that isn’t likely to have pissed our Chairman off enough, the little Croat decides to refuse to train the same week Levy is visiting a sick family member in America. That would be enough to get on anyone’s dark side, but is it possible that Levy is still holding a grudge and that’s why he’s playing such hard ball over the transfer fee with Real Madrid?

Real are reported to have offered £30m for Modric at the end of last week. If I was Levy I would have bitten their hand off and offered to help pack the midfielder’s dead rats and artificial spine! But again Levy says no and holds out for an unrealistic number that we all know deep down the player isn’t worth. If Spurs were a Man City or PSG then this wouldn’t matter; Levy could stay pissed off and refuse the £30m because we would have abundant resources already at our disposal to draft in new talent. But we’re not a Man City or PSG and the fact remains that we need the Modric transfer money.

Little ratface upset me with his behaviour as well, as I’m sure he did with every Spurs fan on the face of the earth, but is getting your own back and blocking his transfer really worth sacrificing our club’s season? Getting revenge is great but being so petty that you stop us ever having a realistic chance of buying the players we so desperately need and as a result getting us off to a poor start to the season is so wrong. And what about AVB? There is no chance after the Chelsea disaster that he would have joined the club without being given assurances that there was to be money available and so far that hasn’t materialised. Is being able to laugh in Modric’s face as he trains with the Spurs reserves really worth it when our new manager walks out and we’re relying on goals from Jermain Defoe and Harry Kane to have a successful season?

There’s being proud and there’s being a fool. Levy needs to realise where that line is.

Come On You Spurs.

By @TottenhamMan777

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  1. Ridiculous article.

    Why would he we take a hit on a value we have put on our best player when he has got 4 years left on his deal?

    He might moan for a month or so but then he would get on with it like last season.

    There's no loyalty from players to clubs in football anymore, so why shouldn't that lack of respect be mirrored!?

    • I do agree with what your saying but we NEED to buy a striker (or 2!) and if there's no money in the kitty then why not take a slight hit on Modric? he is good but he doesn't score enough to be a £40 million pound man.

    • Like all of the increasing number of 'In Levy I DON'T Trust' brigade (of which I'm a founding member) I genuinely want to be proved wrong, but our chairman has a long long track record of bad decisions, which I won't bother to list here – everyone but the blind faithful knows them by heart now – and I fear we're about to have a disaster of a season. Still, as long as the books balance, who's bothered about winning anything?

      • sadly thats all our club seems to be…a pathetic glorified balance sheet… be afraid to see what bill nic's take on this would be…utter shambles from a useless chairman who just loves a fat profit instead of the wellbeing of the club ON the field

  2. This has nothing to do with Levy's pride. Everyone seems pissed off at him for not just getting rid. Levy is putting THFC interests forward first. Selling ratface for anything less than our valuation sends the wrong signals out to other teams.

    We'll be deemed a pushover and a selling club. Before you know it, we'll be selling Bale for £25m. Hang firm. If they want him, then pay the price. If not, he'll play for us. Like last season, he'll get his head down play good football (like a pro) and then whine like a bitch again next summer. The striker situation will sort itself out but will take time. The market is slow for everyone at the moment.

    Love the shirt. COYS!

  3. NO WE DONT NEED THE MONEY and as a fan u should know that ,how can you follow them and not realise we have loads but he is being very very tight at the moment which is quite mad ,we do not need to sell modders to buy ,where have u been for the last 2yrs
    sorry mate


    • An extra 30 or 40 million will not make a difference in our striker pursuit.

      The problem is not the fee (we could pay a 40 million fee for any player now), it is the wages. 40 million players want wages that reflect that.

      So our striker pursuit is completely unrelated to this… you idiot

      • yet another idiot who knows as much about footy as i do bout croquet…..why cant we go out n get 2 modest target men whod be available for a sensible fee then….no reason why we cant go out and get a zigic or a carew, even if just short term….at least we'd have SOMEONE to put the ball in the onion bag…..ANOTHER PRO-LEVY SUCKER I BET U ARE

      • how about looking around at the cheaper market for strikers then if wages are such an issue….we aint a champions league club so why do we act like one….its about time we all faced up to that and downgraded our specific signing targets…..we're in the europa not the champions league….get used to it….we should be targeting players like zigic, agbonlahor etc etc not world beaters….anyone with half a cell intact can see that….levys as tight as anything yet claims to love the club so much….PAH

  5. Totally disagree. He has signed a contract and should adhere to it if Spurs won't accept low offers. If no one will pay the required price then he'll just have to live with it.
    Lastly, we should all have learnt by now that all footballers are mercenaries and follow the money.

  6. The Modric saga is like a London theatre farce. In fact THFC are the laughing stock of football. I've been a season ticket holder for 50 years and seen the 'greats' and the 'useless' and seen the good and bad times.

    We should sell Modric for 30M, buy Damiao for 47M – that would mean we get a top class striker for 17M – simple maths. We must also have go a few bob for the players we have already sold, there are other players like Huddlestone, Livermore and especially Kane who in my opinion are not premiership players who we could sell and use the money to bring in another playmaker – and you dont have to pay over the odds like the Woolwich Wanderers have just done with the guy from Malaga.

    • Huddlestone is the best passer of a ball in the league. The fact that you claim he isn't prem standard just shows you know fcuk all about football and should refrain from posting on football pages. Idiot.

    • Kane only just turned 19 give him a break and as for Selling the Hudd… he is our best passer of a ball and an excellent player!

    • Tottenham fan for 50 years, fuck right off! Plus do the maths, if you spend £47 mil your spending £47 mil! Obviously arsenal scum!

  7. Saying that, given the chance, i actually believe that Dos Satos could fill in Modric's position. There is talent out there, we just dont seem to have teh scouts these days to spot them. Yes we do also need a couple of strikers, Defoe is top notch, but thats simply all we have got.

    Many of you may think i am very wide of the mark in everything i have said, but at the end of the day it is only my opinion, i am not saying i am right, and football is all about opinions. CheekyCockney

  8. so you're absolutely happy that we have no money and no strikers then?? well done you, id certainly want you nowhere near a footy team as boss

    • Not taken your pills this morning, sweetheart? Everyone that disagrees with you is an idiot and should forget about ever becoming a football manager!?

      Take a breath, calm down and shut the fuck up. It's an opinion. We all have one. You think we should buy Agbonlahor or Carew. That's your opinion. I'm sure everyone else on here has just pissed themselves laughing at that, but we're not berating you for it.

  9. modric didnt even produce 15m worth of performance last season in my view so 40ms a total con trick, levy will never get an offer thats satisfactory there, just a moany litle balkan who'll act like anelka till he gets his way

  10. i actually agree CheekyCockney, i somehow dont believe the money aint there to be spent, we sell more than we buy and at fat profits, dos santos could easily fit the role, very underrated

  11. This crap has been going on for many years now and to be frank (no I'm not really frank that's my cousin) Im sick to death of the man. Mr Levy is wrong Modric is not worth 40m of anyone's money unless you are Man city.
    why are we in this position? well its easy, everything that we have according to Mr Levy is worth top dollar (Jenas = 10m Bentley = 16m) but everyone Else's players are over priced. even Stevie Wonder can see that's not fair and that's what is holding us back. It is time for that man to leave the club.

    Top four? hahahahahaha never again as long as we have a cabbage as the chairman he is to tight!!!!!
    we have gone backwards what a shame and whose to blame? simples that man Levy.

    so let me say it first before we all start shouting "we want Levy out say we want Levy out"


  12. All this talk of ratface is putting me off my mid morning coffee , yukk, Levy is right to demand £40 million, after all that is what Chelski bid for him 12 months ago and unless im mistaken he hasnt become a worse player in the last 12 months has he ???????? I thought abramovich said that he would be back for Luka this summer , so where is he ??????? I dont care where he goes as long as he goes and everyone is right, we need strikers and i couldnt imagine that Levy is sitting with AVB not thinking the same. Time will tell, but please do it soooooon. Even Demba Ba with a release clause of 7.5 million would of been decent, but now the clause has elapsed.

  13. AVB needs to get off to flyer or the ginger troll at talksport and his like will be lining up to bring him down, the team he is putting out now is a tad worrying.

    Get this shit done and move forward.


  14. It's nice 2 know dat some spurs fans r finally growing up 2 realise dat Levy is about to lead THFC down a path straight to hell. A man who'll put his pride b4 the future of his wards doesn't deserve 2 lead or manage anybody, let alone a football club. I really feel sorry 4 AVB cos its looking like his THFC stint will make his time with d mighty blues feel like honeymoon trip 2 d Bahamas. It's really PATHETIC!!!

  15. Levy would be doing the club a massive disservice selling Modric for less than £40m. He is definitely in the top 5 play makers in the world, the best in the league by miles. He is relatively young, is tied to a long contract, and is PROVEN in the prem and internationally (no one see Croatia v Spain in recent Euros as an example of what he brings. To the idiot that said sell Modric for £30m and buy Damiao for £40 plus you must be an itinerant(gooner for those that don't understand english). Damiao is totally unproven and to spend any more than £20m for him would be a massive mistake. Modric controls games he makes the side tick there would no point selling him and buying even Messi to play up top as without the needed possession he would get no service. I'm shocked at how little people actually understand the game.

  16. Levy, AVB, if your stuck for ideas then listen up… hear me now…. Robert Lewandowski (20 Mill), Berba (6 Mill) and just get Ade back on loan the greedy shit :)

  17. Real and Modric's tactic is to drive the price down by convincing the club that Modric's mood is such that he's no use to us any more. I wouldn't cave in to that and I'm glad Levy hasn't.

    That said, I want him out, disloyal ****.

  18. Asking price is 40 mill, but that's minus Modric's "Loyalty Bonus????" minus the agents fee minus the sell on clause from his last club which means his sale equals about 30 mill.
    For what? To buy, AVB's favourite, Moutinho at Porto's asking price 31.5 mill.
    Why sell at all if it's going to cost us more money get in a replacement who doesn't know the premier league???

  19. For chrisake when will plonkers stop saying Real offered 30 mil pounds last week, they didnt they only offered 30 mil EUROS !!!! £24 mil tops. Basic and stupid mistake.

  20. we need to get rid of modric as soon as poss and get moutinho we also need two proper strikers hulk and damaio or klass huntelar other wise we will be mid table shit like before please mr levy dont use the modric deal as an excuse not to splash the cash an give avb a chance to put spurs back into the champions league with class strikers not sufer the same as last year time is running out to bed in these top class stikers you know it makes sense cheers

  21. I think Levy just doesn't wanna sell Modric. 40m is just a convenient price.

    If I were him, I'll just buy Moutinho and play 4-5-1. Lennon, Sigurdsson, Mout, Mod, Bale. That's a salivating midfield.

  22. i agree with most of the thfc fans modric doesnt score enough goals doesnt do it in biggames. plus its time for levy to go. last sason we got a 40 yar old keeper a stiker real didnt want and a old defender from blackburn. we need a keeper a striker stop going on about modric let him go

  23. 47 million for damiao??? are you crazy?? the guy isnt even proven in europe let alone the premiership. Hes had an average olympic games (in a below standard international tournament). Theres been so many contrasting reports re modric bid. 30 million pounds/euros…installments/ add ons. who actually knows whats going on. They have clearly tapped up a player under contract, but Levy does piss me off sometimes with his penny pinching. Everyone already knows that he is a tough negoiator and we are not a selling club. I agree with the comments about Sturridge, demba ba and berba, we need some back up as well as a 25 goal a season striker.

  24. 47 millon is what the press want us to beleave for damiao no way would any club pay that sort of money if it is true then there chairman must of gone to the same school as Levy

  25. Typical tactics from Levy that we see every year. I do not think that Ratboy is worth £40 Million after his performance last season. Everything has too be done on the cheap. Well cheap does not buy success. When you think of the money he has spent on appeals in the High Court too move us too Stratford and Redknapps court case. I do not think he has the best interest of the club at heart. What he and ENIC see is the development of the land around White Hart Lane. Every season we have burned out come the second half of the season because we cannot rotate and test players. The way things are going I fear for the club I have be watching since 1970. Either spend some money or sell up we are a football club not property investors.

  26. I am not sure whether some of the people on this site are relly fans or foes, real fans would want to resolve the situation with Modric a long long long time ago, he should have been sold since interest presneted itself, we do have quite a few midfiled players such as Sandro, so why is levy continuing to hold out for an unrealistisc price , forget about the 4 year deal , we need to get a resolution asap, get him out give some money to andres we need strikers strikers who can score goals… sell MODRIC NOW he is not bigger than our club sort it levy we only have 7 days to , why do we continue to do this year in year out?? this is one of the frustrationg factors about spurs ,lack of goal scorers and always doin busines too late


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