Friendly without the friends


As if there wasn’t enough of a media storm surrounding Gareth Bale at the moment after his absence from the Team GB Olympic squad, the player has again been thrust into yet another public slugging match. This time though, it may be the other party coming under heavy criticism after Bale was left struggling to be fit for the start of the upcoming domestic campaign at the hands of a reckless Charlie Adam tackle, in what was supposed to be a pre-season friendly in both teams’ current US Tours.

The game itself finished fairly uneventfully but it will be the antics of Adam that will be best remembered. Cutting Bale down from behind making very little attempt to play the ball, the events in Baltimore added a new chapter to what appears to be Charlie Adams number one goal of injuring Bale whenever the opportunity presents itself. This of course isn’t the first time we’ve seen this aggressive behaviour toward our flying winger after Adam put Bale out for 3 months two seasons ago when playing for Blackpool. That tackle was much worse than what Saturday night seen but that is still no excuse for Adams’ unacceptable behaviour. The question I want to focus on today is what should and what ultimately will happen as a result of the horror tackle?

Personally I believe Adam should be made accountable for his actions and punished in some way by one of our regulating bodies; or all of them! It’s very easy to sweep this sort of behaviour under the carpet and forget it ever happened, but that is not easy to do when one of your best players has been put out of action for the beginning of the new season. The silence has yet to be broken from Tottenham on the extent of Bales’ condition, but if he has sustained an injury surely Adam must be punished for his actions? The argument that the game was a pre-season friendly and not a competitive match will doubtless be raised by the Scouse hypocrites if steps are taken to punish Adam for his crimes, but I don’t see that that should have anything to do with it. Competitive game or not Charlie Adam acted recklessly and cynically endangered the fitness of another professional; the fact that the game was supposed to be a “friendly” actually makes it worse!

What I think ultimately will happen though is absolutely nothing. Voices on the Liverpool side will starting crying again about how all their players are singled out and treated unfairly and the FA will sit back and do nothing, too scared of rocking the boat after the storm surrounding the punishment of another of Liverpool’s dirty players last season. Failure to take action is just as bad as the crime itself for me and I’ll finish by posing this question; if Wayne Rooney and not Gareth Bale was taken out and injured by Charlie Adam during a pre season friendly, would the reaction of the governing bodies in punishing the accused be any different? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Come On You Spurs.

By Craig Harrison


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  1. Haha… punished for what? Worse tackles are made in every single game than that one. Adam is clumsy at the best of times and Bale normally goes down with no contact anyway. Also, if it was so bad, why did AVB leave him on for 30 mins longer?

    Punished… haha.

  2. The answer imho to your final question is that nothing would be done whoever it was …… and if you can find me a precedent where action is taken retrospectively against anyone in a preseason friendly then prove me wrong. And can we concentrate on Adam's, who even Liverpool supporters would recognise as being crude, rather than slagging off Liverpool FC as a whole ……. and I am a Spurs supporter BTW!

  3. It wasn't even that bad, Scott Parker makes atleast one of those every game.

    The medical staff should have had him off the pitch rather than letting him play on for 20, problem they have got is he rolls around so often its difficult to tell when he actually is injured.

    For the coward jibe, lets hope he does him good and proper in the league match.

  4. Lol unbelievable. I watched the game (ESPN) and since AVB comments and this utterly disgusting outburst from the diver I have watched the replays of the "horror" lol tackle. It was nothing more than a clumsy (which I admit Adam is at times!) attempt at tackling the diver, if you pathetic spurs lot watch it even in slow motion replays there was barely any contact. I imagine that the speed at which Bale or rather Bellend was travelling contributed to a twist if nothing else as the slight contact was made and the tit went down. I think Bellend Bale should be taken to task for outragious "coward" name calling. P.S that tosser Kyle the chav has no place in commenting the silly boy

    • What a moronic comment from a total cretin. Shanks would have categorised Adams as one of his famous "ale house brawlers" That's a condemnation by the great man of neanderthal,unskilled thugs who defame the words footballer and sportsman. On reading the inarticulate drivel with infantile adjectives such as Bellend and chav,I presume you are approaching puberty, further evidenced by the use of lol. "outragious"? spellcheck can be such na challenge to the young. Finally, if there was barely any contact you are visua;lly as well as intellectually challenged. This must be the most govelling excuse for a thug and a total embarrassment to the vast majority of Liverpool fans. Is English the first language of this cretin?Ccan't be! Unbelievable ignorance.

  5. @ John, Agree it was'nt a bad tackle – but clearly it was'nt a great one otherwise these articles wouldnt be written you numpty!

  6. No mate, it was a cowards tackle, its just stamping down on a players foot, its nothing to do with proper tackling, dont worry though, we wont forget.

  7. If it were you or a memeber of your team perhaps you would sing a different tune especially if teh fiest such tackle had put you out for 3 months. Accident ? NPs Direct targeting = a crime. Nice sort of world you live in John.

  8. Adam should be banned according to the length of Bale's inaction!! Once is excusable but second time – towards the same player, amounts to intent to injure!!

  9. What a load of crap it was a bad tackle as Liverpool were out of position …yellow card at most the fact that Bale fell awkward and is so delicate is not Charlie Adams fault .. get over it

  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Bale carry on after that foul until half time, after being assesed by Spurs' medical team? I agree that it was a reckless tackle but perhaps you should take a look at your own staff and how they handled Bale's fitness before you point the blame.

  11. Adam Classless! Not fit to wear the red of Liverpool. It would be nice to think that someone at Anfield
    will pull this mug to one side and straighten him out!

  12. Regardless of whether Bale played on or not, with their history you only have to watch the tackle
    to see there was intent to do serious damage to a top class footballer.

    Bale got lucky!

  13. I am both suprised and saddened by some of the comments made by Liverpool fans, there again every club has it's fair share of idiot supporters. Quite simply the tackle (if that is the correct term for it) was late and clearly intended to injure. I might have been more forgiving were it not for Adam's previous, even worse challenge on Bale, when Adam was playing for a club more suited to his limited ability. Liverpool fan's think that Bale over-reacted,this was not the case, rather it appears that because Adam is a total carthorse he can only deal with a quality player in this way. IF Graham Roberts were still a Spurs player, Adams would not be so keen to play the 'hard-man'


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