Stat Attack: Liverpool v Spurs


·    Liverpool continued a good run of form with a 3-0 victory over Wolves in their last Barclays Premier League game

·    Andy Carroll scored on the anniversary of his £35 million move from Newcastle, and goals from Dirk Kuyt and Craig Bellamy secured a comfortable win

·    Carroll has three Barclays Premier League goals this season from 47 efforts at goal, with 51% on target

·    Jordan Henderson covered the most ground for Liverpool in that game with 6.76 miles

·    Bellamy has Liverpool’s best rate of passes completed in his opponent’s half, with one every 3 minutes 43 seconds, to go with his six goals from 28 efforts at goal this season with 64%

·    Kuyt’s goal was his first for Liverpool in the league this season, despite having had 28 attempts at goal with 64% on target

·    Spurs outclassed Wigan to win 3-1 in their last Barclays Premier League game

·    Two goals from Gareth Bale and one from Luka Modric capped a sensational performance from the pair

·    Bale completed 12 dribbles in that game, more than any other player in the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index and the 7th highest total posted by any player this season

·    While his fellow midfielders grabbed the headlines, Scott Parker once again covered the most ground for Spurs with 6.88 miles. Parker also attempted more tackles than any other player in the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index in the last round of games with 11 tackles attempted (of which he won 8)

·    Spurs surprised many by bringing in Louis Saha in the January transfer window and letting Roman Pavyluchenko leave for Spartak Moscow. Saha had scored just one goal for Everton this season despite having had 48 shots at goal with 54% on target

Premier League - EA Sports Stats

Stats courtesy of EA SPORTS Player Performance Index

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  1. This team are the top team for upping there tempo in big games what stopped them at Spurs is players being too eager to use it and got themselves sent off. This too away there extra energy and we won the day the fact it took us a long time too kill them off did not fool me. What has changes since this score Bolton 3-1 win is there work rate always goes up when the Team get bad press and King Kenny for the first time joined in and told his players to up there performances or they will be dropped and like Magic there performance have and work rate have increased. On Monday i expect there work rate too be very high and to chase the ball in a manic way Spurs will just need too be patient and hope the ref is on the ball and dirty tackles are punished once again. The two games against City and Utd where full of energised players and Utd dominated the ball but paid the price for leaving top Duracell Bunnies Kuyt to break away and hit a shot with his pigeon toes past the helpless keeper. The best we can hope for is a draw fingers crossed but one word of warning to King Kenny playing in sixth gear causes burn out up to now your squad changing is helping but at the back it is not enough changes.

  2. oley, oley, oley come on you spurs lets do it again as usual we got all power and capebility to go and clench the title this time around. Let just maintain our usual way of playing by posessing and pressing to goal,with that for sure liverpool will have problem to handle us. Con on you spurs.


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