Ivanovic: Modric should join ‘bigger club’ Chelsea


Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic has urged Luka Modric to leave Tottenham for Chelsea.

Spurs rejected bids rumoured to be £40million from Chelsea last season for the Croatian playmaker, but it is widely tipped that he will depart White Hart Lane this summer.

Why Ivanovic has decided to speak out on this is beyond us, maybe he should focus more on holding down a regular place in the Chelsea side. It’s laughable that Ivanovic should claim that Modric would be moving to a ‘bigger club’ at Chelsea, but then again he is probably unaware of the history and tradition of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

“I don’t know much about it other than what I read in the media,” he told Sportske Novosti.

“I know there was interest in the transfer window before. Chelsea as a team have needed a player with these qualities. He would fit in quickly and strengthen the squad.

“He has been in England a long time and knows about the way football is played on the island and the mentality of the players. He has exceptional quality, and moving to a bigger club is necessary for him to take the next step in his career.

“I think at Chelsea he would adapt instantly and become a better player. He should come to Chelsea – it won’t go wrong!”

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  1. Last time I checked theres only one team in London to have won the European cup?

    Last time I checked Chelsea have been wiping the domestic floor compared to Spurs?

    Last time I checked Chelsea are a better team?

    • Chelsea have a team their support cannot afford, only one man keeps you afloat.
      More successful recently than Tottenham, yes that is true.
      Bigger club, only in your dreams, two days away from going broke! remeber.
      Only a fool would forget the past, it can easily reflect the future.

  2. Its laughable that you think Spurs are a bigger club. Tottenham and Liverpool fans go on about having history but that’s because they have nothing in the present day to shout about. Chelsea are making history (first London club to win the champions league). Where’s your history? You’ve won the league twice, the last coming in 1961….that’s just 6 years after our first. We’ve got a bigger turnover than you…bigger ground, more honours. I look forward to hearing your response. I suppose you have win the FA cup once more than us. Well done.

    • You need to get your facts right, Stevo.

      You're the first London club to buy, not win, the Champions League, thanks to that Russian thing that owns your club, and many fans as well, judging by your posting.

      You had a good team once, the one with Osgood and Hollins and Hudson and Cooke and Bonetti and McCreadie and Harris, who I once met, and many others you've probably never even heard of.

      Tell me, what odds on your new manager being the first sacking next season?

      Where's your history you say, with no awareness of irony.

      Don''t you mean, 'Where's your money?' which is the only reason why virtually all of your present squad wear a Chelsea shirt.

  3. Chelsea are a small club with lots of money. They brought there status and success and in turn there last ten years of trophys with Romans money. In all other aspects spurs are the bigger team. Chelsea minus there success and the plastic fans that started supporting them when they started winning stuff would be the size of a Fulham. West ham have a bigger fan base than them when you take out there plastics. And even with plastics they still have to advertise tickets for CL games on the radio. Where as spurs sell out regardless of the success they have or haven’t had for the last 20 years. Spurs are a sleepy giant. Chelsea were a nothing team heading for administration before roman came and its also worth mentioning that roman actually wanted spurs as it had more going for it but Enic refused to sell so he got 2nd best chavski. Spurs are the overall bigger club.

  4. last time i checked, you have bought your success, with a very rich sugardaddy, without his money, you are not a bigger club, bigger bankroll ,yes, but wait till the new rules for spending come in, or we get a sugardaddy, the only people who think chelsea are a bigger club are chelsea supporters, the neutrals dont.

  5. As said though. Take the Abramovich era away, you’ve won the league in 51 and 61. We won it in 55. You won the UEFA twice, we won the cup winners cup twice. Not a lot in it id say. But you can console yourselves in the though that Abramovich has bought our success. Question is, who will have more ‘history’ in 20 years?!

  6. You’ve spent more than your mates down the road at Arsenal. How come you haven’t won more than them then if it is just down to money? Ummm

  7. Well done for asking all those neutrals…must have took a while for you to do that! Chelsea will more than likely break even next year with our European glory. It’s bought the club £100’s millions. But I’m not an idiot Chelsea fan. I think it’s a reasonable debate with arguments for both sides. But I think the ‘history’ thing is a total joke.

  8. spurs have a much bigger following. chelsea even had to offer two tickets per person for the fa cup semi final. joke club with small support. yids

  9. When last did Spurs win the EPL,When last did Spurs win Champions League?When last did Spurs host 41000 fans in their Stadium?When last were Spurs close to relegation?When were Spurs spoken of in Asia & Africa the way Barca,ManU,Chelsea, Arsenal are spoken off?
    Club ownership is changing & cannot be used to refer to clubs as inferir. Even Levy can sell Spurs.The Glazers own ManU & Qataris own PSG.

  10. So is it just on following? Chelsea have a larger global fan base than Spurs according to Forbes. If its true what you say about two tickets for the semi final drubbing (I could only get one) that doesn’t make you a bigger club. According to Forbes – we were the 7th most valuable club. That takes into account turnover and fan base. I’m gonna take what they say as red. Spurs didn’t get a mention in the top ten. Also, our position is likely to rise in 2013 as this years position was before our European cup triumph.

  11. There’s no question that Branislav Ivanovic is right in what he has said……._Chelsea is Huge compared to the spuds who are small fry…westhamesc_No question………._But would modric get into our first team…..probably not enough goals in him._Mata better player all round _But I like the look of sandro. If he can improve his all round game this coming season I would take him next summer_

  12. There’s no question that Branislav Ivanović is right in what he has said…….
    Chelsea is Huge compared to the spuds who are small fry…westhamesc
    No question……….
    But would modric get into our first team…..probably not enough goals in him.
    Mata better player all round
    But I like the look of sandro. If he can improve his all round game this coming season I would take him next summer

  13. Hey Dan, was that the semi-final where virtually every Spurs "fan" had left Wembley 15 minutes before the end? But in mitigation, it is a long drive home for you guys…

  14. If Modric does go I would love to see Pienaar play his creativity and passing ability aint that bad and boi he definitely scores more goal than modric thats for sure.

  15. the chelsea dick is right to be honest, lets face the fact and accept how shite weve been in the lasty 20 odd years even during the gazza period, chelsea are just one fat russkie slobs ambiotion, a geezer that buys clubs just like that. Levy may not be an Einstein but at least hesw a real fan, the russkie is just a mafioso from the dregs of Russian societry who bought into what he thinks is biog time, its just a crappy little football club that weithout the fat fuck from siberia would haver gone btroke. All this is facts. But dont worry Spurs fans Chelsea will be going under at some stage, I wouldnt be suprised if their champions cup wasnt bought to be honest

  16. i couldn't care less who is the bigger club if it's all based on success. i'd rather be proud of supporting a club with history and personality than be one of the bandwagon plastic glory supporters at chelsea or man city. chelsea are supporting a different club to what they were 10 years ago. that's the reason they disregard history and that's the reason for the empty feeling they have inside. they have international support purely because of the success of the last decade. if things go tits up all of those fans will turn to the next fashionable team. offer me a sugar daddy chairman and i'll offer you my middle finger.

    • chelsea will win both the super cup and club world cup……..this year. spuds will never entered/win these cups……..small fry. hk_yid have you ever witness success..the lifting up of a trophy..the joy of knowing your team are the best….winners ful stop…..i thought not. just old stories from old aged spud fans who live/feed off the glory glory double winners way backin history 50+ years ago….playing in their hob nail boots and baggy pants……spuds supports make me laugh and laugh and laugh knobs. chelsea are the best team in europe not like the spuds 3rd/4th best team in london

      • keep on chatting, you're probably just another plastic fan who has only supported chelsea since abromovich. even if you'd supported them for decades you'll realise you are supporting a different chelsea. besides, the point of my post to say that i prefer a club that doesn't win but is honestly run and plays good football, over any club that throws money recklessly at the next big name, reinforcing everything negative about the game of football today.
        and now your fans think your the best club in europe because you won the champions league playing like stoke? super cup and club world cup next season? get real, chelsea have a good squad but just like spurs, they don't compare to europe's elite. the only difference is that i don't care because i'm not just following glory! no dignity, absolutely delusional and a joke of a club.

  17. look this was debated on talksport a while ago, and the bigger club was spurs, and this was from cundy a chelsea supporter, ivanovich does not know what he is talking about, if we had chelseas millions, and we could pay the extravagant, wages and transfers,then if the two clubs wanted a player and could offer the same, then they would choose spurs, classy club, plays great football, and great fans.
    if roman didnt come in for you, and went to us instead as he wanted to from the start, where would you be now, be grateful we did not accept his offer.

  18. win the champions league to become an ELITE club of Europe. Chelsea awaits to compare status with mufc, Liverpool and the likes in the years to come and not Spurs. Chelsea has nothing to learn from Spurs. compare spurs with Chelsea and I would be proud to call u a dumbass . Chelsea snapped ur UCL spot because u don’t have a story to tell the world. as ignorant as u are to say if we had this, this and that. Roman, Roman and so what? All those speaking for spurs u sound like punks, wtf…

  19. I’m still waiting for someone to tell me about Spurs’ great history. I’m serious. Liverpool are a pain in the arse but they do have history. Please can someone tell me about these historic moments at spurs. Which one of the league triumphs was it? 51 or 61? Or was it the historic moment you beat QPR to win the FA cup after a replay. I genuinely don’t get what Tottenhams history is. Sorry!

  20. PS if it was on talkSHITE it must be true. Let’s tell everyone the exact opposite of the truth to get your average dumb ass to phone a premium rate number and hang on the phone an hour just to have a row. If they weren’t contrevesal no twat would ring up would they?!!

  21. Wow-chelsea fans coming onto a Spurs website to try and prove their team is 'bigger'. chelsea fans moaning about their team pre xmas. chelsea finishing below spurs in the league last season. After chelsea won CL cup, a new term to describe boring, defensive, lucky football – 'doing a chelsea'. so interesting…

  22. what many chelsea fans don't realise is that there are two meanings to "you don't have history". firstly, similar to spurs, you hadn't won much before the last decade. secondly, any history you ever had was absolutely shat on when abromovich walked through the door and tore down what once was. luckily (some might say) for chelsea fans he's rebuilt the club and now you have fans (coincidence?). but it doesn't change the fact that the chelsea of today was established in 2003. long term supporters are supporting a different club. any one else is simply a glory supporter, but even then there's been some ups and downs.

  23. Jay, you are spot on.Take away the last few years with Roman's money and Chelsea are nothing. They have more money because of him, not a bigger supporter base. We always have been and always will be a bigger club than Chelsea. COYS

  24. Could the Chelsea fakes comment on this, Spurs won the FA Cup for the first time in 1901, making it the only non-League club to do so since the formation of the Football League. Tottenham was the first club in the 20th century to achieve this Tottenham was the first club in the 20th century to achieve the League and FA Cup Double, winning both competitions in the 1960–61 season. After successfully defending the FA Cup in 1962, in 1963 it became the first British club to win a UEFA[ 2] club competition – the European Cup Winners’ Cup.[ 2] In 1967 it won the FA Cup for In 1967 it won the FA Cup for a third time in the 1960s. In the 1970s Tottenham won the League Cup on two occasions and was the inaugural winner of the UEFA Cup in 1972, becoming the first British club to win two different major European trophies. In the 1980s Spurs won several trophies: the FA Cup twice, FA Community Shield and the UEFA Cup in 1984. In the 1990s the club won the FA Cup and the League Cup. When it won the League Cup once more in 2008, it meant that it had won a major trophy in each of the last six decades – an achievement only matched by In the 1990s the club won the FA Cup and the League Cup. When it won the League Cup once more in 2008, it meant that it had won a major trophy in each of the last six decades – an achievement only matched by Manchester United.

  25. Going to have to be honest, i'm a chelsea fan and Rob's facts are spot on. We have more money and currently a bigger ground but take it from me Spurs are the bigger club. I think most of chelsea fans making comments on here are young fans and only have seen chelseas recent form. We have a long way to go before we can compare with spurs


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