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Luka Modric - Tottenham Hotspur News

Tottenham midfielder Luka Modric will decide on his club future after Euro 2012.

As many of us Spurs fans already anticipated, rumours over the Croatian’s future at White Hart Lane has already began just moments after the final ball has been kicked of the Premier League campaign.

A lot will probably be riding on what happens on Saturday between Bayern Munich and Chelsea.  If Bayern do the business against Chelsea and we secure our place in next season’s Champions League that could very well be the clincher to keep the Croatian playmaker at the Lane.

If we can keep Chelsea out of the Champions League then why would Modric want to move there if he is ready for the big tests as he states below.  Let’s hope for a Bayern win!

He told the Daily Mirror: “I will decide about my future after the Euros.

“I will make the decision where to continue my career. I’m ready for the big tests.”

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  1. God this guy is starting to get on my tits,in meantime we'll all just wait around making no new signings just in case he decides to grace us with his presence again in August,ive had enough of him calling the shots and thinking he's bigger and better than us,just sell him now,get rid,set him free to sit on Chelsea or Man citys bench forevermore and we can get on building our team with players who are commited and want to play for us!! mmm i'll really miss those endless dawdling runs and backwards passes ,awful tackles and sulky strops,yeah yeah i know that goal was great,but give me Huddlestone back anyday!!!

    • We all know that it's not unusual for a player to kick up a fuss to get out of his contract, lord knows it's happened before with us. Set a deadline, if no suitable bids come in by this deadline he stays, shuts up and gets on with the job that he's got.
      Will Chelsea still want him, Mata has been playing well in that role and they've just signed Marin (we missed out on that one, shame). United possibly so we make sure we get top dollar and possibly a player (Cleverly). But if he wants to go we do it early. Maybe before the Euros to give us enough time to get someone in

  2. As good as Modric is, personally i only want players who want to be there. Spurs is a top club and the players should be proud to play for us.

  3. As much as I belive he is a great player his transfer antics cannot be tolerated any longer. Sell him for 40m and use the money for replacements who want to play for Spurs

  4. “Tottenham midfielder Luka Modric will decide on his club future after Euro 2012”

    What 4 years after it – like when his contract runs out?

    Tosser! Like its HIS decision to make!

  5. He is such a good player and irraplacable, but if hes gunna strop then get him out. If posible abroad, i would hate to see him play against us. We can sell him for 40m and buy players like remy, play van der vaart in modrics role with 2 upfront with jermain( hopefully convincing him to stay).

  6. He is a great player and irraplacable, but if he is gunna strop next season if we where to keep him then its better toget a decent profit out of him and sell him. Abroad would be better (possiby psg) for 40m, play van der vaart in his role with 2 upfront, one of them being jermaine, hopefully convincing him to stay.


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