Manchester United linked with £20million Bale bid


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According to reports in the Daily Express, Manchester United are interested in signing Tottenham Hotspur’s Gareth Bale.

The Welsh international has been in superb form since he returned to the Spurs side in January and United are apparently willing to pay £20million to land the left-sided player.

United first wanted to sign Bale as a 17-year-old and even had Ryan Giggs to try and persuade him to move to Old Trafford.  Bale is set to line up for Spurs against United at Old Trafford on Saturday and is said to be aware of the interest of Sir Alex Ferguson.

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  1. so the mancs in the scum press wait until thursday to try and unsettle baler, wankers! hes going nowhere, ask carrick and berbatoss about life on utds bench

  2. This is the standard Fergie tactic when he's worried although he probably is interested. So, cue comments about Levy being strange because we won't just hand him over. He also wasnt too happy when Real Madrid did the same to them!

    It's a pity the Premier League don't have the balls to penalise Man Utd for tapping up. Take 6 points from next year should make sure it doesn't happen and anyone who doesn't think Whiskey Nose is behind it are simply naive.

  3. Surely Bale is not for sale, we took the chance with paying a lot of money for a 16 year old and its been a good decision.–Anyway why would he leave a top club on the way up to go to a team on its way down!!

    If we are now building a championship winning team you dont sell your best players.
    If Mr levy decides to cash on the best prospect we have ever had , then i a supporter for 50 years will give up my following.

  4. The timing is suspect but on his current form there can't be many clubs that wouldn't want him.

    If we're going to hang on to him we need that 4th spot.

  5. This story makes sense as Giggs is surely to retire in the next year or two and unlike Berba and Carrick, Bale would go fit in very well. Money talks so £40m and they can have him

  6. Come on guys, we've seen this pre-match tactic before. Are you really going to let Fergi wind you up this easily? unlike previous years, the good news about Spurs at the moment is that LOSING ONE PLAYER WILL STILL LEAVE US WITH A SUPERB TEAM!

  7. Just typical from SAF first Carrick then Berba now my beloved Bale! Suppose Rafa will be sniffing around us as well. I hope 'Arry and especially Levy dont see £ signs and let him go i'd be mortified if he goes. He'll only be used as bit player anyway. If we get to 4th spot then their will be no point in flogging him. We need our players for next season period. Manu are shitting themselves thats why he's trying to unsettle Bale and the players.

    The summer break will be worring, everyone will be poncing for our players……COYFSsssss

  8. Utd don't have the cash to buy him as well as buy players in other key positions like a keeper, a right back, central defender, central midfielder and possibly striker. These are positions they need badly. I fully expect Bale to be playing at WHL next season. What happens after that is dependant on where Spurs are, how much cash other teams have and how long a contract Bale has. We need to sort out the latter ASAP as I believe his runs out in 2012.

  9. Pretty much every year we seem to have Man Utd sniffing around one of our players and no doubt with another massive offer he will go and will increase the coffers. Everytime we build up a decent squad and on the verge of doing great things a spanner gets thrown in the works so expect one this summer again. Bale for me is vital, then again so is pretty much everyone else to stay at the club with the exceptions of perhaps Keane, Jenas, Woodgate + Ohara. I am worried it is not only him that is turning heads, Modric has been superb as well and may be another one we find hard to hold onto and I dont believe what Pav says about a U turn – this is a ruse to ramp up his value to seal another big money move.

  10. He's not going anywhere if we qualify for CL. Can we start a story ahead of Saturday about Carrick & Berba coming back?

    Utd really are the lowest of the low.


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