Mancini – Big clubs want Gareth Bale


Roberto Mancini says Gareth Bale would be the main target for top clubs if he’s available.

He said in an interview to Turin sports newspaper Tuttosport: “Last year Bale had already proved his value but his career had not yet taken off.

“Now you would need a lot of money (to sign him). He is a very expensive player. Certainly, Juve with Bale would gain a lot.

“Moreover, what is certain is that if Tottenham decides to put him on the market, Bale would be the strongest target in the summer.

“Perhaps he (Bale) is the only player who is not a striker that can make a difference. Without him, Tottenham loses 50% of their potential.”

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  1. 50% of their potential, how ridiculous. Modric is more important to the team than Bale and Van Der Vaart has scored more goals

    • Yes, it's a completely ridiculous statement……one assumes that it's been taken out of context.

      However, we are talking about the manager of a club that can't stop buying strikers, yet rarely fields more than one at a time.

      It's also interesting that so many Italian clubs think they have a chance of signing him. The Budesliga seems to be rapidly catching the Italian league in terms of quality, and they certainly don't seem to have the financial muscle anymore.

  2. Mancicni said Bale is 50 percent Spurs attack this shows why he his a crap at Man Management .What about Lennon Modric Van Huddlestone Defoe and the Fast emerging Left sided Townsend who starred on the right his weak side. We will be taken over before Bale goes anywhere so Mancini can wish he will be sacked in a few months City is jinxed to fail on slippery Oil at 126 a litre and will become a hate club with every rising penny on the pumps and expensive players wages we are funding.

  3. What’s Bale got to do with Mancine and City anyway? He should concentrate on his own players instead of poking his nose into Tottenham’s affairs…


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