Marca’s offensive Spurs article

Marca, the Madrid based Sports newspaper, has claimed Tottenham’s ‘Jewish origins’ are the reason they are disliked by other clubs which has sparked outrage and disgust.

The “paper” has dedicated a full-page article on the origins and history of our club in their Monday edition ahead our Champions League group stage meeting with Real Madrid on Tuesday night.

According to a report by The Mail there is a sub-headline to the piece, written under the byline of Enrique Ortega, that reads: ‘Their Jewish origins have made them into a club disliked by rival fans.’

The article goes on to describe the foundation of the club in the late 19th century, with Ortega writing: ‘Formed by young people and businessmen from the area of Jewish origins, they have always had to carry the weight of being the club “par excellence” of the Hebrew community.’

Ortega goes on: ‘Throughout their history, they have been frowned upon by the followers of other London clubs, mainly by their big enemy Arsenal but also by the followers of West Ham and Chelsea and other capital clubs of a lesser pedigree, spreading the animosity to the rest of the country, where it is normal to hear the deafening chant “stand up if you hate Tottenham” when they take to the field.

‘Since its beginnings the club has had an undeniable connection with the Jewish community represented in directors, coaches and players. And the current owner and president, Joe Lewis and Daniel Levy, are Jewish.
‘But those who know the club up close say that 90 per cent of Spurs fans have never set foot inside a synagogue in their lives.

‘Despite the feeling of being hated they have assimilated Jewish symbols into the stands, especially at their old White Hart Lane stadium where the flags of the Star of David fluttered.
‘They have even defined themselves, in their songs, as “yids”, the word that their rivals use in derogatory way to describe them.’

Ortega concludes his ill advised piece by describing how the fact we had Argentine players Osvaldo Ardiles and Ricardo Villa in our side during the 1982 Falklands Conflict only made them more hated by other clubs.

Ortega writes: ‘What could not have been foreseen is that these two signings, in time, because of the military conflict with Argentina, would see the club seen even more as the enemy and repudiated in all of the stadiums in the country.
‘Ardiles and Villa were whistled and insulted every time they touched the ball and the reaction of White Hart Lane was to start to chant: “Argentina, Argentina”. One more reason to be hated.’

Needless to say the article has caused outrage on social media and Spurs have condemned the sentiments in it. No doubt an article designed to cause upset ahead of our match tomorrow. Hopefully the lads will put them to the sword

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