Mata explains why he snubbed Spurs


Juan Mata - Tottenham Hotspur News

Juan Mata has claimed he opted to move to Chelsea rather than Spurs or Arsenal in order to win trophies.

The Valencia winger is set to complete his move to Chelsea in a £25million deal.

“I want to come to England to win trophies – and that’s why I accepted Chelsea’s offer,” Mata told The Sun.

“It was also a question of sporting achievement, not money. Arsenal and Tottenham were both interested in me but they did not compare with the Blues.

“I want the Premier League title and this is possible at Chelsea.

“Fernando Torres helped influence my decision but speaking directly with Villas-Boas was the decisive factor.

“He explained how his style will be based on 4-3-3 and how important I will be to his plans.

“Frank Lampard is a monster of a footballer to play alongside and the prospect of that is incredible.”

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  1. What a load of bo**ocks. The only reason he went to chelscum is the money. it would make a nice change to have a bit of honessty from these players.

  2. “I come to England, because I’m a badge kissing mercenary, and want to earn large loads of cash, before FIFA pull the plug on all of this” “Also neither Real or Madrid wanted me and they’re proper side’s, so who knows, maybe if I’m shit, I’l get a move back home soon, if I’m good, maybe sooner, eh?, Viva Barca..oops viva Abramovic Rover”

  3. delusional muppets.

    Who should I join? Europa League chasing no-hopers whos best player wants to leave, or a team consistently chasing titles on all fronts, in the champions league every season, and likely to sign the other teams best player on top of that???

    Hmmmm…. isnt life full of tough decisions!

    • Delusional us? obviously no mirrors in your house. Why else would he join Chelsea as opposed to Arsenal let alone us, of course it's the money and if you think otherwise then you are the one who is deluded!

  4. Well it sounds like the Spurs got lucky too….. who needs such a big headed arrogant pratt like him anyway. I bet he turns out to struggle in the prem and ends up going cheap next season lol.

  5. He knew If he came to Spurs he'd be on the bench watching Maicon's nightmare tearing down the left. Atleast he'll get a game at Chelsea.

    And snubbing Arsenal doesn't need a reason.

  6. Bunch of kids who can’t accept that almost every player would choose Chelsea over either of the two.. Even if they offered the same amount. What makes me really laugh though are those who say: “We don’t need him anyway”. hahaha


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