Mauricio Pochettino makes new Spurs stadium security suggestion

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Mauricio Pochettino has suggested that there may be a requirement for more security at the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium following an incident in midweek.

Tottenham were charged by UEFA this week after a fan ran onto the pitch during the 1-0 win against Manchester City in the Champions League on Tuesday evening.

UEFA investigated the incident in which the individual left his seat in the stand and confronted City’s Fabian Delph before being taken from the field by a steward.

The incident enraged Mauricio Pochettino who tried to take to the pitch to deal with the offender, while Christian Eriksen was held back by the referee.

The Spurs boss was asked at the pre-Huddersfield press conference about how important it is for fans to behave in the right way and he refused to generalise the club’s fan base after the idiotic actions of one individual.

Instead, Pochettino has suggested that the club may have no review the measures in place to stop such an incident from happening again.

He told Football.London: “The supporters are fantastic. I think it is difficult to avoid some people doing stupid things that they were doing. That happened because they are drinking and starting to challenge between them and one guy decide to run.

“We cannot make a statement in general because the fans in general are fantastic. It is so important to be sure and maybe try to be more proactive how in the way we can avoid this type of situation. Maybe more security and more focus from people if something happen to avoid going on the pitch. I don’t believe this happens often. It happened and I think was a surprise for everyone. I hope it doesn’t happen again because it will create problems for the club. Now we are in a moment we want to enjoy, not to suffer some situation like we suffered the other night.”

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  1. MP is 100% right – although it’s another typical Spursy problem: not paying the going rate on getting the right people to apply the rules. For example we have had a problem from day 1 over standing in the South Stand. Yet the Club “ask” poorly paid and poorly trained “stewards” who, it seems to me, are nice people but totally ill-equipped to enforce a sit down policy when confronting aggressive fans who laugh at them and ignore their requests to sit down. The Club has missed its opportunity to organise the ground and it will be a nigh-on impossible task to regain control. When they built the ground they must have modelled the likelihood of persistent standing, pitch ingress etc and should have had a plan but no, the Club remained naive and relied on quantity over quality (in relation to staff) now we have to suffer the negative press about stadium bans etc. I feel really sorry for the Tottenham Stewards and I fear that it will take a very punitive measure by the PL for the Club management to do its job. Or maybe we’ll just get another email!!


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