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Premiership wins don’t get much more straightforward than this. It’s actually kind of nice to be able to say that because, although we dominated from start to finish, we’ve done that against Stoke and Wolves at home this season and lost to them both.

The key this time was an early goal for Modric after 11 minutes, bundling in at the far post after a typically scintillating burst from Aaron Lennon on the right. We thought that West Ham would come with renewed confidence after holding Chelsea to a draw and beating Pompey, but they seemed to be on the back foot even before Scott Parker and Herita Ilunga departed with injuries inside 20 minutes.

It seemed to be just a matter of time before we extended the lead, but as ever with Spurs, the lads kept us on the edge of our seats. West Ham rarely threatened, but were having their best little spell of the game when Palacios set Lennon away on the counter-attack after 81 minutes; Lennon fed Defoe, who drifted inside several defenders before unleashing a powerful drive that Green could only parry back into his path; JD’s second bite at the cherry almost lifted the net off of the goal frame.

Between the two goals we had pressed hard. Huddlestone had arrowed a shot against the post, and at times the flowing passing and movement had the crowd drooling. There was still some concern about the destination of the three points until that Defoe goal, but today thankfully it was a case of no alarms and no surprises.

Star man: Luka Modric – bright and lively. A magic little player.

Best moment: Defoe blasts past Robert Green with 10 minutes to go to wrap up the win

Tactics: 4-4-2 again, but a reshuffled pack with Defoe in for Keane, Huddlestone back in for Jenas, King for Bassong and Modric drifting in from the left instead of Kranjcar

Chant of the game: A politically incorrect “No noise, from the Pikey boys”  

Opposition fans: Seemed to decide at half time that having a sing-song was going to be the only fun on offer – and they were right!

By Andy Knaggs


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  1. I agree Foggy. Can’t Modric play in the middle leaving the left side open for Niko? I want to see those two working together as I think they would be a lethal combination.

  2. Good in parts Brilliant in other parts and sloppy sometimes never a dull moment my Spurs.If we played Brilliant all the time it would be boring and like some teams playing high energy games not real. This shows me that our team is a proper talented team and not Enhanced and they make me gush with pride when others make me mad with anger at what I discovered they are using and that team is our next league game .All the publicity has meant they are struggling to play good because they are being watched by DAVSPURS kuyt has never ending energy we will need to play long bals and conserve our energy or we will be overrun in the second half .Watch tonights game carragher and gerrard benayoun kuyt the Duracell Bunnies need to win to catch us and they will be energised trust me . COYS

  3. Well the bunnies won a late late match with a one legged red faced spaniard who got a special gift of Santa PisseDunn and bunglahore .The sight of Oniel picking his head out of the snow was funnythis highlites my earlier message to match there Energy or we will get overrun by Bunnies they only need one second to score and that second was created by the goaly changing is slippy Boots pricless The Duracell are back because barwick and the Fa cant allow them to lose champions league money or Financial Meltdown will follow

  4. PS….Don’t let it get to you, he writes exactly the same thing at least a couple of times a week. I think he’s taking some kind of amphetamine which renders him unable to punctuate and he now believes he is two different people (he also uses the name Davspurs).

  5. ps are you also the piss taker and Matty boy the fact you talk about Amphetamine is a fucking insult and if you don't mind teams using the same energy that the two Russians players got caught using to draw 3-3 at old Trafford then you can take the piss all you like .Parts of my Family support the team i discovered using energy boosting drugs. so its not easy to expose the fact that there team is using the well known energy cheating drug Ephedrine. The kind of energy thats causing so many upsets and in my sporting background is called cheating. You tell me if you discovered Arsenal where using drugs to help them pass the ball and run the legs of teams would you keep quite the fact his uk sport told me its rife but they cant catch players and when they do catch them they tell testers it was a cold remedy taken by accident like the Sheffield goalkeeper and the two Moscow players.What this shows me is that people like PS and mattyboy think its okay to cheat well if this is normal then I apologizes for being old fashioned and promise in the future not embarrass my fellow Spurs fans and let the top four stay the same. And my blogs will improve has i learn better grammar. yours if you want me DAVSPURS THERUMOURMAN AND NORTH WEST COCKEREL three in one WISH ALL MY FELLOW SUPPORTERS THE BEST NEW YEAR AND A GREAT ONE FOR SUPER SPURS


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