MF looks back at Arsenal 5-2 Spurs


History will have its say on how much can be read in to this annoying loss. Either Villas-Boas had finally found the formula that would unlock the best from our players and Adebayor’s dismissal snatched defeat from them, or the red card distracted from the ongoing weaknesses in each area of the team that would’ve been exposed by Arsenal eventually, his removal only speeding up the process. However we view the game in the future, the fact now is that with a very busy period coming up Adebayor’s suspension has loaded a further burden on to an already embattled squad, though he will be able to play in Rome I presume.

After the Togolese javelin had flown at Cazorla the loss was as inevitable as Webb’s reaction to it, more because of the makeup of our side rather than anything the home team were likely to produce. Holding on to a lead has proved challenging in many of our eleven man outings this season, the chances with ten were never good.

Project AVB is currently not meeting its milestones. That’s not to say it won’t in the longer term, the pressure though is most definitely on.
West Ham have proved often enough already this season that they’re no mugs and, given that we’ve a tough game on Thursday that we can’t afford to send a weakened team to, I think it’s not ridiculous to say that we’ll head into next weekend as second favourites. One thing AVB can’t be described as at the moment is a lucky manager.


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  1. I don't think luck comes into it , I have no faith in AVB at all,I just cant see where he is taking the team,as to his comments about playing well at Arsenal that just seems like the cherry on cake 5-2 they were by far the better side, we always seem to shot ourselves in the foot l'm used to that as a Spurs fan but as for AVB saying were doing well, l think the expression " don't piss down my leg and try to tell me it's raining " comes to mind as far as l'm concerned our season is over,.

  2. As a Gunner for 63 years I can honestly say that this result was due to Spurs lack of defensive coordination than my teams vast superiority. My lot are not firing correctly yet but if that had been, this could have been a total humiliation. There is something wrong fudementally with the Spurs of today. I still think its down to what Arsenal are doing and not what Spurs can do. every year we (Gunners) have to listen to brave boasts about the Spurs revival and how the aim is to finsih above us? Whilst AFC aim is to finsih above all else. There in lies the problem…..wrong targets. You spend much more than we do on super stars but collapse every year? Why? As a true Gunner I want Spurs to up there with us not above us. You want us relegated and defamed? Right now you have a good manager but a poor chairman who sacks before thinking. The best manager you have had since Billy Nick was Jol and your chairman chickened out. Good luck in the future but dont let your board react to panicking fans.

  3. AVB is great, we did control far more of the game given we only had 10 men.

    Adebayor is a total tool. He let AVB down. We can't judge the rest of the game as 10 v 11 means we didn't have a chance. We would have won with 11 players on the pitch.

    GB is great, though probably off at the end of the season (to United mark my words).

    Oh well, 52 years and counting. COYS.


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