MF looks ahead to Spurs vs Bolton – FA Cup


A collective sigh of relief has been the general reaction to the performance and draw on Saturday but we’ll find out more about how close we are to being able to raise our heads fully above the parapet after Tuesday evening when Bolton come to town for another attempt at our FA Cup quarter final. We will hopefully be in for a less emotionally fraught evening than our last get together.

In what was played of the first game we saw an even encounter in which Bolton were given confidence by their early goal and our dithering defence. We started slowly, improved a bit but then got worse again to the point where I was willing for half time before tragedy so nearly struck.

Redknapp’s team selection will be interesting. Adebayor’s importance to the side was once more emphasised on Saturday but given that he’s just returned from injury he may be reluctant to risk him again so soon. Lennon is apparently not far from a comeback, for how long though is anyone’s guess. It wouldn’t surprise me if he picked something not too dissimilar from the first game maybe with Ade and Lennon on the bench. It’s a risk in my view to start with Nelsen, if nothing else the hands he seems to paw opposing forwards with as he jumps mean it’s only a matter of time before he gives away a penalty.

“Let’s do it for Fabrice” will no doubt be Bolton’s mantra. It’ll be in our interest to play down the emotional stuff before and during the game, we have after all done our bit against Stoke. We’ll see though. Owen Coyle will make at least one change from the first game, for obvious reasons, but has threatened a bit of rotation, presumably because staying in the Premier League is their real priority.

Howard Webb is once again the ref. Oh good.

Chelsea at Wembley await the winner. COYS!


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  1. I want our players to leave any sympathy in the dressing room tomorrow , there is no room for sentiment on the field , lets get right behind the team and roar them onto win , no excuses from the players or the fans for that matter, so come on lets sing them to victory ! COYS !

  2. Being favourites for the cup is not helping us I think. Our performances have been lacklustre to say the least. Watford and Stevenage away both games that frustrated the life out of me. Bolton will be playing for muamba but I feel ruthlessness is the only way to go and kill (not the best chosen word) the game off quick.

    3-0, Defoe (2), modric.


  3. the “look at me generation” couldn’t really give a toss about things such as the Bolton player but they love it when theres another chance to vomit their sentimentality and false emotions;look no further than the Diana funeral. If you dont know someone personally how can you be touched? Years ago a player had both legs removed playing at Tottenham, one of the best CF’s around but life and football went on.The game shouldn’t have been abandoned as these things happen. no one wants anyone to have terrible things happen but every day they do, this time it happened to be a player.

  4. yeh last 4 games have been dissapointing but it was better against chelsea away which we clearly should have won i hope we start picking up form now starting tonight which we must win


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