MF looks back at Man City 2-1 Spurs


Disappointing in the end given how close we were, time wise anyway, to gaining a good point but frankly we were second best for the majority of the game. We lacked ideas and penetration going forward, were lucky to survive a couple of close penalty appeals at the back and despite a typically energetic performance from Sandro were unable ultimately to cope with the mountainous Toure and the sly prompting of Silva in midfield.

The latter it was who threatened regularly to force an equaliser and then winner after Caulker had put us ahead in the first half. The Spaniard’s continuous efforts to prod a through ball between our defenders caused many a Spurs heartbeat to flutter (and the lino to contract RSI as Tevez continually failed to successfully time his runs) before he finally found Dzeko at the death to kill us off.  Aguero had worked space and finished neatly to make it 1-1 before then.

We had virtually no decent possession, especially in the second half. Composure and technique appeared to have sacrificed on the altar of shape and discipline. We were rigid and predictable, there was no slickness to our play, no attempt to wrest control from Silva and Yaya.

The full backs rarely crossed the halfway line, Bale and Lennon were unable to find space (not without getting fouled anyway) and Dempsey was once more ineffectual. Adebayor did well, coming deep purposefully and often. AVB may well be challenged on picking him after Defoe’s efforts midweek but we would’ve seen even less of the ball than we did without him.

Three defeats in four league games. It was all going so well. At least next weekend we’re playing a side as equally out of form as we are.


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  1. Not come on to gloat one bit. Just to say that you have given an honest summary of the game.

    Was rather concerned about Bale's pace against Zabba, but tbh Zabba has been outstanding in most games he has played and Gareth Barry was brilliant as always as our unsung hero. He may have little pace, but his positioning is superb and NEVER goes missing.

    All the very best for the forthcoming games.

  2. The AVB doubters (like me) will no doubt be roundly abused by the happy-clappers, but the simple fact is that we've been in a false position, we've only beaten relegation fodder (apart from a VERY lucky win at Old Trafford), and we've been shown up by City as well as Chelsea, with possibly worse to come. Give AVB time, his supporters say, but he's got no long term record of success, he couldn't do it at Chelsea, and there's nothing to suggest he'll pull anything out of the hat at WHL, especially with Levy in charge of the purse strings. Upper(ish) mid-table perhaps?

  3. Exhaustion! We needed either a couple of fresh players or a couple more days for this game. Would playing Tom Caroll instead of Dempsey have done it? or Ade instead of Dempsey with JD up front? I don't know – and we never will…

  4. Clearly the criteria for a win is for the team to score goals and it’s clear Mancini Dzeko and aguero knows this, city playing 4:4:2 clearly means they came on the pitch to win whereas AVB fearfully came to defend, I’m not sure what tactics that is but mourino would always be planning on winning not a draw, or a loss , at 0 : 1, may be AVB forgot to take that part of the lesson,

    it was so upsetting to watch spurs play, AVB ‘s technical jargon might be getting the better of him, cos he seems like Harry day by day, always getting the team selections wrong, I just hope he doesn’t give levy a heart attack before he leaves.

  5. No longer have any faith in AVB whatsoever ,we have some great players playing in an predictable style, would love to think its going to work out but l think our seasons over.

  6. Dempsey has been shite all season and does not fit in at Spurs, a classic journeyman. Huddlestone is about as mobile as a brick in midfield. Now we can see how much we miss the creativeness and guile of VDV who was ten times better than both the aforementioned. Leaving an in form player who has just scored a hat trick on the bench is stupidity. We are weaker than last season, personell wise so its no surprise to see us in 7 th now. We wont beat Arsenal,after that its another derby against in form west ham and then liverpool, Fulham and Everton. With this team and AVB's tactics we could easily be mid table or below by Christmas. Dembele back and Huddlestone out might help, Parker might help even further but unless we buy world class in Jan we are in the toilet.

    he lost us this game (again!)
    wrong team selection / poor tactics / negative & defensive substitutions

    5 mins into the 2nd half, even though we were winning..every spurs supporter in the land land sighed "here we go again…..surrender!!" – retreat further back let the opposition attack, how can we hope to win like that, i know its a cliche but attack really is the best form of defence, if the ball is in our own half for 80% of the half, we may be able to hold on the lead against southampton (just!) but not city! – compare to mancini`s attitude & subs in the 2nd half (he won that game for city by switching to 3 at the back)

  8. I simply do not understand AVB's footballing philsophy. Does he want to win or does he want simply not to lose? From the way he has approached each game this season, it seems he is content with a season-ending 38 points, one for each game.

    He talks about a 4-2-3- system, but it appears more like 6 defenders and 4 midfielders (or strikers, whichever way you see it) each time, with absolutely no real aim in the way they play. The front four are so dislocated from one another, and from the other 6.

    So AVB claims he picked Adebayour this time around because he wants more control and possession. What control and what possession did we have at City?

    I simply can't figure AVB out.

  9. I agree with MF totally. My blog AVB Time to Go on 6th November – now with 139 comments – criticises me for haveing a go a AVB. I dont know if all the guys on here have read my article, but if not, then please read it and register your support that AVB is not the man.



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