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A strange old evening. When the fourth official held up the sign for 3 minutes at the end, the boos rang out. That was a little harsh but by then the dearth of goals and the meaninglessness of the game were combining and starting to stink the place out. Everyone just wanted to go home.

The shirt numbers said it all, we had a 37, 46, 47 & 42 on show. Fredericks, Kane, Carroll and Nicholson (as sub) all made their debuts whilst Livermore and Townsend boosted their appearance totals to a handful each.

Of the debutants Tom Carroll and Harry Kane came with reputations. Carroll’s was undoubtedly enhanced, he was eager, neat, skilful and creative, he has a future in the game but only after he gets a few square meals inside him. He loooked in danger of being blown away, there’s nothing of him, imagine the love child of Bambi and Posh Spice. Kane’s rep probably took a bit of a dent. He shouldn’t worry about his missed pen too much, he just joins the ever lengthening list of first team players who find 12 yards about 12 too far. I read an article in the O’s fanzine Leyton Orientear a few weeks ago that reckoned that Kane didn’t have the pace to make it in the Premiership and whilst it’s too early for that sort of prediction you can still see that he’s got a way to go if he’s to become the first striker to break through from the youth team since.. erm… Mark Falco? Ryan Fredericks was slighter even than Carroll and tried but was ineffective. Jake Nicholson did ok in his 20 minutes.

It was mostly a pretty humdrum affair until Kranjcar came on, he was the evening’s class act, despite the odd bit of skill from Huddlestone and a Rolls Royce cameo from Kaboul. A goal never came though as Pav had a night to forget and the keeper got behind everything else.

The walk to the ground from Bruce Grove onwards is a now a depressing traipse past demolition sites and boarded up shop windows. You get to WHL and are greeted by more of the same as the apparent unviability of the NPD project hasn’t prevented the club from bulldozing large parts of the area around the ground. The future of Tottenham the area remains unclear as does that of Tottenham the club. We got a small glimpse of the future of Tottenham the team and whilst it shows promise, it needs some work.


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  1. Nice article. Thought Townsend showed good pace and got round defenders well. Just not many decent crosses and gave the ball away too many times with short passing. Should stick with the left wing position – not really a defender in my opinion.

  2. This crashingly boring affair was more like a 5 a-side training session in a gym. A few neat tricks, and attempts by a couple of hopefuls to show their paces but, for 90% of the so-called match, totally and predictably meaningless. It was a disgrace to offer this fare to fans already frustrated by the will-they, won’t-they behind the scenes attempts to inject life and pace into our squad. Altogether very shabby, and a total, cynical,

    a waste of one of our “free” cup games.


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