MF’s Match Report: Liverpool 3-2 Spurs


A very frustrating and annoying result, made all the more irritating by the fact that it was self-inflicted.

This was mostly a performance to be pleased with & proud of. After falling behind to a neat Suarez finish we deservedly equalised and then took the lead having controlled the vast majority of the possession and play to that point. We looked more likely to go further ahead than the home team to draw level, going closest when Sigurdsson hit the post but instead Walker and Lloris combined to let Downing score and then with a few minutes to go Defoe, Assou-Ekotto, Suarez’s terrible balance problems and referee Oliver gave Gerrard the chance to score from the spot.

Redknapp never found the answer to replacing Lennon when his hamstrings got the better of him and I don’t think Villas-Boas’s has either. Sticking such an influential player as Dembele out wide was a risk, especially with his replacement in the middle, Livermore, being so limited. Now that Bale plays down the middle more often than Alastair Cook we lacked proper width. Walker did his best, often running past Coutinho on the right, Sigurdsson stepped inside as soon as he got the ball down the left though. Townsend would’ve been worth a gamble if he wasn’t unavailable scoring screamers in West London.

It’s annoying as I say. The poisonous wind-up merchant Suarez picked squabbles all over the field throughout the game even managing to have two barneys after the final whistle as the players left the pitch. To lose to such a character sticks in the throat. Having said that, Sturridge’s dive under Vertonghen’s challenge was by far the worst attempt to fool the referee all afternoon, he has much to learn in that area, luckily a proficient mentor is nearby.

Oh well, these things happen.

Fulham next.


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  1. You are right about suarez, he is such a thug and that referee allowed Liverpool to foul all day. Gerard should have been off and Suarez should have booked early on when he would have had to start behaving himself. I cannot understand a referee not cautioning a trouble maker when he persistantly fouls, slaps, flicks little kicks etc during a game. Suarez was doing it openly in front of the ref and allowed it to continue. When Gerrard led with his elbow, he should have got a yellow, yet the ref gave him licence to carry on with his fouling. That ref is young, I know but he won't be a top ref long unless he protects players. Jesus, I can't wait to see him reffing at Old Trafford, Fergie will have him in his pocket.

  2. Why not mention Bales sly tricks while you're about it? Lucas touched his shoulder and he ends up writhing on the ground clutching his face, he goes for a 50/50 ball with gerard and goes down as if he'd been poleaxed.

  3. How Sturridge got away with that dive, both from the ref and the pundits, was obscene. At least when Bale hits the deck there was a touch. Sturridge could join Tom Daley.

    Walker once again was very poor defensively, and the back pass was pitiful. He needs to go back to doing the simple stuff. I know Lloris will get some of the blame for the equaliser, but he had no way to know there was cover and had to come for it.

    Defoe, hmm BAE had a moment of madness, Suarez knew what he was doing and that was that.

    A shame, because Vertonghen was mighty again, and Dembele had one of his finest games in a Spurs shirt.

    We're definitely missing Lennon, and I was surprised to see Livermore in the middle rather than Holtby on the right. Livermore was so bad that I forgot he was playing for most of the first half. A game we could and should have won.


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