MF’s Report: Manchester United 3-1 Tottenham Hotspur


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So the improbable hat-trick wasn’t to be and viewing from a pub in east London, it didn’t look as though there were many periods where it looked at all likely. Man United didn’t have to play very well to see us off yet again, our 14th defeat in 18 games against them. 

After an even first twenty minutes of shadow boxing their pace down the flanks and Scholes’ know-how in the middle were the dominant influences as we struggled to keep possession and get the ball to our ‘big’ players in attacking positions. Modric, Bale, Pav, Bentley and Defoe were all anonymous going forward and there was a notable lack of quality about our delivery from almost every position. Having said all that, Gomes had few saves to make but Van der Sar had even less. It was a poor game.

Their goals game from Giggs’ penalties in the 58th and 86th minutes plus a cool finish from Nani in the 81st minute following Ledley’s 70th minute headed equaliser. Their pens were both down to poor challenges by players playing out of position at right back. Redknapp obviously hasn’t been happy with Kaboul playing there instead of Corluka and gambled with replacing him first with Assou-Ekotto and then Palacios, decisions which didn’t come off. 

The only time we looked like our normal selves was when Lennon came on for Bentley and Bale was pushed forward on the left. We scored and then attacked fluently for a short while. It was only five or six minutes but it was a nice five or six minutes. United regained their composure and scored an easy goal in the 81st minute after Nani ran through from midfield untracked. 

All a bit disappointing. Only Dawson, King, Gomes and possibly Huddlestone came out of the game with  reputations intact. All the others need to wonder why they went missing for long periods (though the service to the front two was appalling so they might have plead mitigating circumstances).

Still, never mind. Six points from three games against the teams above us is a superb return and only a shock result in the City game (at the time of writing outcome unknown) puts us in a worse position than we were this morning.

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  1. There is more worrying aspects to come out of another lost point from this game Harry gets into amuddle when he has to chose is team ans gets it right when injury's force force him like against Chelsea . We only had to make one change King for Kaboul or Bassong this move playing Ekotto right back played into Fergies hands and Fergies five man Midfield stopped our front two supply Bale had the beating of young silva but from left back by the time he went from deep Utd had two or three players stopping him. Both penalty's and Nanis goal came from bad defending Nanis Goal was down to Bale being tapped by Utds press he stood and let Nani run into the box and it was highlighted by Grey. Secondly changing our teas set up was a bad move Fault Harry Thirdly Utd need investigating for Tapping and there players energy Levels are so high players are stating to look ill and in the case of Nani its the second time he has collapsed on TV and Evra was so energized he erupted like a volcano and spewed laver all over the pitch this is not right and could lead to deaths again i cant belive no one is mentioning Nanis two performances i commented yesterday and forcast he would be running all over the field is other high Tempo game the ref run over to see if he was okay he bent over cluthcing is chest and staggered . My fabs know me and my campaign to stop cheats well you have some evidence back me because i have said many times there players and ex boo boy skeleton Fletch have bean enhanced beatings i can take cheating i cant. one disgusted North West Fan in the know

  2. total rubbish mate. Four of our players didn't turn up and thats what caused us to lose. get off harry's back.
    Benoit is a full back so playing on the wrong side is no excuse for lunging in and giving away pens. he would have been just as rubbish on the other side because he had a bad day. Palacios was rubbish although he's been one of our best players this year he couldn't handle old trafford. If those two players do their job the way they can we get a point and nobody is whinging. Then theres bentley, defoe and pav who didn't play as well as they did in the two derby matches.

  3. shame Harry felt he had to mess around with a winning team-maybe we may have lost anyway, but why not stick with the players who did well against chelsea? could always have subbed later on anyhow.
    So, a win against bolton, draw with man city, and win against burnley will do it.
    Good to see lennon back. What team should face bolton? not sure about palacios recently-would he be better coming on as a sub when we have a lead to protect?


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