Modric embarrased by wage talk


In an age where footballers earn in excess of over £100,000, it’s refreshing to see that Luka Modric is still level headed.

The Spurs and Croatian playmaker, who earns around £70,000 a week admits that during the current financial climate he is embarrased with rumours about his wages.

He said: ‘I am quite annoyed with all the headlines about my wages. Croatia is in recession, the economic situation is hard and I don’t like it when numbers are being thrown around.’

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  1. You can see how his old clubs fans loved him so much. Even on his last game before leaving they gave him a standing ovation. Excellent!

  2. typical gooner to be on our web page.. wtf do you want mate.. checkin out the competion r we..? p off back to your own sites …. or r you looking to move home again you woolwich traveller..

    modric = genius


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