Modric flies to the USA to join Spurs squad


The Sun are reporting that Luka Modric has apologised to Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy for going on strike.

Modric failed to travel with the rest of the Spurs squad for the pre-season tour to the USA which angered Levy who apparently wanted to fine the Croatian £15,000 per day during his self-imposed strike.

The 26-year-old is said to have flown to America to link up with the rest of AVB’s squad. Is this just a financial decision from Modric? He has already been fined £80,000 after refusing to train last week.

Lets hope that Modric changes his attitude during the USA tour and does not bring down the rest of the squad. The tour is a massive part of AVB’s plan to build team spirit and togetherness ahead of the new campaign.

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  1. THIS IS CONFUSING. Has Modric decided to stay at Spurs, if so then the decision to join the team makes sense. If not, why include him in plans that are designed to bring the team together and create a GOOD team spirit. If he still wants to go then we are only giving him a chance to disrupt the team.If he still wants to leave we should leave him at spurs lodge and let him train on his own.

    • ………..Levy will sell him for the right price, so Modric has no problem with that. What Modric has a problem with is Levys percieved attitude of "We will only sell Modric to whoever PAYS the right price", so Modric sees that as Levy trying to over-value him thereby scuppering any chance of a deal! AVB on the other hand, is whispering sweet nothings in Levys other earhole telling him to do his best to keep Modric at WHL for 1 more year to save us HAVING to replace him! If Modric does well this season and the team benefit and it brings success, maybe he will change his attitude like Rafa has done and wont be looking to move at the end of next year.

    • Agree! He is either committed to the club and the up and coming 2012/13 campaign or not!
      An deal with him accordingly!!

      For me, If he was to make a statement saying all the right things (lets be honest, most of them
      are mercenary's) and commit himself to the new season, then I for one, would applaud his name!
      Unfortunately, this is modern day football and there is too many outside influences, agents etc,
      in scenarios like this!


  2. should of made him stay home until his head was right, disruption is the last thing the squad needs, dont be suprised if a mutiny occurs

  3. Even if he has joined up with the squad in the usa he still want's to leave
    his apology to Mr Levey is only because he has been fined and would go on being
    find whilst he was AWOL, If he had not been fined does anybdy realy beleave
    he would have returned to the fold?
    sell him quickly and use the money to get a good replacement or else we will
    have this same problem next season too

  4. Just shows that u polish a guy ,pay his wages and bring him into the limelight and he stabs you with a dagger
    made of nothing but hard cash.

  5. Official site says that he's returned to training at Spurs Lodge, no mention of going to US.
    Can't see him flying out now anyway and if the rumours are true I suspect very few of the 24 currently out there want him to join.

  6. Obviously this is about money or a team that is in the CL every year. Last year he wanted to play for AVB at Chelski. This year he doesn't want to play for him. He obviously does not seek his ambition with us. Levy is right though to hold out for a price of £35m – £40m as his unproven replacement will cost £30m.

    • No,Levy isn't right to hold out for 40 million because he's not stupid.He knows nobody willpay that,so he's essentially pricing him out of the market and underhandedly blocking a move.If he REALLY wants to move him or knows he should move him,which he should,then he would drop his valuation and negotiate.He can still come out on top ,but maybe with not as much profit as he would like.Spurs realy need this crap now don't they.A gamble of a manager first of all ,and now this? Not good and for all his so called business sense ,Levy strikes me as a guy who would cut his nose to spite his face,as long as he made his point..Get rid of him for a realistic fee.He isn't worth£40 million and nobody will make themselves look foolish enough to bow to the mighty Levy.I promise you that,so HE needs to get real,and stop listening to Mr Suck Up Boas imploring him to make Modric stay.Time for him to move on now.Modric that is.Possibly Levy and AVB too but that will become clearer as the season progresses

      • Clearly you are NOT a Spurs supporter maybe a Chelsea supporter still gutted at not being able to buy him.
        Of course Levy is bang right it is sending out a very clear message that we are not a selling club and if our players want to leave then they will do so only on our terms.

  7. At this point in time I think the only kinda contract ferret face deserves is one that results in .22 calibre rounds and a pair of sticks! Can he not see he is pissing on his own fireworks? When fighting with Levy the only winners win Levy's way!

    • Hey DYS..NEWSFLASH for you..The guy is being advised by people who don't have his best interest at my opinionI think they have their best interest at heart and all Modric can see are the pound signs being waved in front of his eyes.Surely you must see that he's not a malicious person ,Just one who is getting bad advcice and… listening to it.Very unfortunate.

  8. He is not the only decent midfielder in the world!!! Sell him and bring in someone who wants to be at the club. Greedy little mug

    • He's greedy because the game today encoiurages greed.When football players are on stupid money,and nurses for example are on low pay,something is wrong. He's not the greeedy one here.He wants to play his football at Madrid.His "Advisors" are the ones who look to me like they're greedy.There are real greedy people in the game but Modric doesn't strik me as one of them.I don't think he has any business sense at all, but I do think he's easlily influenced by unsavourary sharks

  9. hes not a greedy little mug hes a croatian fink weasal, lets keep in mind their record in the war, sided with hitler and so what can you expect. We Should sell the fuck on and tell him never to bring his arse back to whl ever. Onthe other hand if he can get double wages at Real we should start paying bigger wages, theres no way we could be overtaken by MUFC and Arsenal because in the 60s we were bigger than both so maybe business acumen has not been part of our thinking, lets set that right but as Tom Clark says yeh greedy little mug plus fink weasal who need his teeth done

    • Nothing like an idiiotic xenophobe to darken bright days.Maybe if you stuck to the issue instead of nasty personal name calling,people might listen to what you have to say.You're the nasty little weasel as far as I'm concerned.Modric is no different than loads of footballers who have been poorly advised by agents with greedy bellies and big eyes.He's not a Carlos Tevez,or Robin Van Persie,or any other nasty ego maniacs who think they're better than the club.He's a decent bloke who's acted on stupid I said. Now see,I didn't resort to one bit on ename calling or spout off xenophobic crap.You ought to give it a try.

  10. If Spurs offered him an improved contract of £100k plus a week that other Spurs superstars are getting I'll bet he would change his mind and stay. Super players like him should be treated well by the club. Look at how the ROO was tamed?

  11. Modric was offred a bigger contract last season but refused it, so it’s not only about money. Anyway he will fined it difficalt to whole a first team spot at RM with kadira ozil alonso granero di Maria and a few more I have failed to mention. If you wonna be a star it will be at spurs brebatov found that out. All these players go to clubs that are going to win things whether they buy them or not, so what are they really achiving, do something new and be apart of a.

    reveloution where a new club and players are being recognised in moden football. COYS

  12. Really,AVB shoots his mouth off a little too much for my liking.He went on and n about Abromovich when he should have shown a bit of class and moved on,and now he's busy badmouthing Modric to the press. Everything he says may be true but how about showing some tact and saying it's a club matter? Maybe he's too buy trying to suck up to Levy.

    • He was replying to questions from a journalist who was trying to get a story big enough to upset the apple cart. The fact that all he got was a straight answer about a three year project, not being allowed to complete it because the Russian pulled the plug rather than back his manager against the old guard.
      You can see by the amount that Chelski are spending that they know AVB was right and that the old guard need replacing.

    • Avb words are being stretched by scumbag journalists who have it in for him. He has only commented positively regarding Chelsea saying he did not want to leave and he has said very little about modric but to say he is brilliant and the club are unhappy he wants to leave, he has never mentioned about levy s wife being unwell but is quoted in the press. Please do not read quotes from avb but look to find the interview and you will see a different person who is very happy and without a grudge.

  13. Modric is going and the sooner the better. The longer this saga drags on the more chance it will have an adverse effect on our start to the season, particularly as we will not have time to buy a replacement (remember Berbatov & two points from eight games). I'm more concerned about our lack of strikers. Adebayor has become another saga and with only Kane & Defoe to choose from we will do well to finish in the top half. Levy will probably let these transfer deals drag on as he always does and we will be left with the usual panic buys.

    • Yes I remember exactly what happened with Berbatov..but apparantly Daniel Levy doesn't.He bloody well wants to though because history will repeat itself.

  14. We are being quoted over 30 Million for Mutino and Madrid want to pay 27 million it wont happen Spurs will let him go to Utd or Chelsea first. This is why the fair play rules have bean brought in to stop this happening Spain is a busted country and Modric would be wise to stay where he is

  15. why is it we always always wait for a last minuite deal that suits us! get rid now of those who are not commited to WHL & give AVB a month to sort the team out so we can start the season on a high for a change

  16. I am in LA and photographing their tour. I was with the team last night and no word or sight of modric. If he turns up today i would be shocked.
    btw if anyone wants to see shots of them out here let me know. ill send a link

  17. He shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the rest of the1st team squad. Stick him with the reserves until he's sold and let him get on with it. Last season, after the transfer window closed, i was glad he was still at the club but not this time around. He doesn't want to be here and i would think most of the fans don't want him here either. Like others have said, we want players here that want to play for the club. Jan Vertonghen, even after we failed to get CL football, wanted to be here and that's the type of player we want at Tottenham. Thanks for a few years good service Luka but, you've ruined the memory of your time at the club for me now. Do the right thing Mr Levy, sell him to a foreign team for anything above 30m and lets move on.

  18. dont score goals

    pathetic amount of assists

    Can’t tackle

    Take the money and run spurs

    give him a video of gazza to watch

    Show him some real talent

  19. PSG have offered the amount needed to release Modric and it’s 40m (haven’t got a pound symbol on keyboard) in Aust. If Real don’t match it, sell him to PSG, if he doesn’t want to go he can’t complain if Real don’t meet his price.


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