Modric could still leave Spurs


Luka Modric - Tottenham news

Luka Modric has hinted that he could still leave Tottenham Hotspur during the summer transfer window.

The Croatian midfielder has been linked with a possible move to Manchester United and is known to want Champions League football.

“I’m a Tottenham player and will be in London on July 7 to begin preparing for the season,” the Croatian told the Daily Star.

“But I want to say that transfers could occur later.”

Modric added: “In England it is often the case they happen on the last day of the transfer period, August 31, so it is pointless to worry about anything now.

“If my situation changes after the start of preparation it would not be a problem.”

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  1. Good god this is getting boring….
    If he wants away, have the balls to slap in a transfer request and then we can haggle on price.
    This tippy tappy will he won't he crap is doing my head in.

  2. These Modric quotes are getting ridiculous, its ‘he said this’ ‘no he didnt, he said this’ ‘no he said this.’ None of which are from any proper source just some obscure tranlated garbage, designed to get hits.

    Harry comes out and categorically states he’s not going anywhere, his agent (the person who is always the most likely to make trouble) comes out and says no way is he leaving Spurs, Luka himself says he’s happy and doesnt want to leave, saying he can win trophys and the EPL with Spurs. On top of Levy saying that NO top stars will be sold, full stop.

    So what do the usual suspects do. ‘Ok yea, we’ve bin stumped there. Lets just wait a couple of days pretend none of that was said and start spouting more ‘quotes’ around.’ Great ‘journalism.’

    And wheres does this originate from? The Star (Same place as the first dodgy quote) And regurgitated by the same old websites. Please. How thick are they?

  3. Look where the quotes are from, the daily star! Give me a break, they have never been a credible source! Who would speak to them! Lol

  4. he is going, if you have not realised that The Daily Star is quality journalism you have not delved into the pertinent pastures of the profoundly percieved pen phrase of mastabatory minds


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