Modric still open to Spurs exit – agent


Luka Modric’s agent has hinted that a move could still be on the cards if a high bid was received by Tottenham.

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp insisted earlier today that Modric is not for sale after a reported £22million bid from Chelsea.

“Luka is happy at Spurs but if an offer came in that was acceptable to the club and player, we would be willing to discuss it,” His agent Nikky Vukan said.

“In my opinion, £22 million is a valuation that is too low for the player.

“The price that has been written greatly undervalues the price that the club values him at the moment. If there has been a bid of £22 million I am not surprised that the club have rejected it. That figure is near to the fee that Spurs paid for Luka (£16 million).”

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  1. This would news but for the fact that Nikky Vukan is NOT luka's agent!!! why do sites like this print such garbage

  2. He is not Modric agent. Modders is listed on his website but Modric has no dealings with him- was told that by the Spurs Press officer.

  3. If you are a Spurs fan why are you wanting Modric to leave as that can be the only conclusion for your headline. Have you ever tried to look on the positive side of things said instead of trying to interpret them negatively?

  4. Does nobody understand this, “Luka is happy at Spurs but if an offer came in that was acceptable to the club and player" CLUB and player, it means modric will only leave if the price is right for spurs, it doesnt mean and nor does it say modric wants to leave. It just means he will leave if the offer is good for the club and suits levy, modric is a nice guy and wont do a berba, he has already said he is embarrassed to earn the money he earns because its so much, if only i could find the interview i read about him a while ago this would prove he is not going anywhere and would stop the speculation.

  5. Modric’s value should decrease as his career has gone backwards in the last year. He has gone from a Champions League Player to a mere Champions League TV Watcher.

    In contrast, Silva of Man. City, who cost 25m last season, is now a Champions League performer. He is also a better player than Modric and has succeeded in getting his club to the CL while Modric failed in the same task.

    If Spurs get 25m for Modric (the same as Silva cost) they should count their lucky stars.

    • what?? so were supposed to place one players value on the whole team???…………….jerome boateng got his team into the champions league….does that make him worth more than modric??

      fucking moron

    • Silva is not yet a CL player – yes he has player in the Champs with Valencia. But not nearly the quality of Modric!
      He will be a CL next/this coming season – but by your reasoning he was a Europa Player last yr. Do you even watch football or do you just read Spurs Fan sitesassuming you are a ManC fan as no-one other than City fans praise Silva that much – he's good – but not that good! Wasted at City. Unhappy Players, Manager not as good as others, Mega Rich owners that will buy the league – this has got to be good for football!

  6. Spurs to be relegated @ 250-1 on Bet 365

    Sell Modric for 22M, put it on us being relegated, we get relegated (2011-2012) & win 5,500M (5.5 Billion), build a stadium for 300,000 (cost 1 Billion) next to the Emirates (casting it into shadow) spend 1 Billion on new players, get promoted (2012-2013) and win Prem League (2013-14) and win Champs League (2014-15). We then dominate European football forever as we have a stadium 3x bigger than anyone else, which counts for quite a lot under UEFA Fair Play Regulations (in yer face Man Citeh Ragheads)

    Can't see how this plan can possibly fail!!

  7. spursyid is right , great idea. One thing though the word yid is offensive to spurs fans,the scum and whu have got far more jews thAN US. In fact the only Jew I ever knew who supports spurs is this bald geezer as in fuckin slaphead not as in change the name, call yourself spursyob
    onto a lighter note if the little cunt wants out let the prick go

  8. Hate the way big clubs like ManU,Che,City throw money at people faces although its clear stated we r not interested!!! They unsettle the players and they get what they want. Is there any law forbidding this??? Looks like the only way to compete with this money making monkeys is to join them. Get a super rich person who knows nothing abt football and throw money around! Sooner or later the gap between the teams will grow and the only way to compete with big teams and big players is to brake their million dollar legs. MODRIC will leave for sure after all that loyaty rubbish he has said. And when he does, we should break the little croation c**nt's leg!!!!


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