The Modric Saga: Is Levy a help or a hindrance?


Last week we were told on the news that rat-boy Modric was nearing a move to Madrid and that a medical will be held in due course. Then we were told that we were only receiving £23.5m for him although we had asked for £35-40m. And then we were told that the fee that we had accepted was actually about £30m.

And this week it’s all gone quiet again, with even Chelski reported to be back in for him!

One thing’s for sure: every single Spurs fan wants this saga to end, us to be given over £30m and then to spend it, along with our other income (from Bassong, Corluka, Kranjcar etc.), on a creative midfielder and a 25-goal striker. But apparently negotiations are still continuing. We saw on Saturday against the Toon how desperate we are for a creative midfielder and a striker. So why can’t Levy accept a slightly below-valuation offer, move on, and buy some world-class players?

Levy clearly has an enormous reputation as a negotiator – but instead of any actual skill, this appears to be more because he can be bothered to sit through 2 months of open-transfer window demanding an unrealistic price, before finally receiving a marginally inflated price on August 31st. When it’s too late to do anything!

He may want as much money as possible to reinvest, but at this rate Modric may not even go anywhere, we could be left without a top class striker and morale in the dressing room will be damaged. Modric can’t be in the reserves all season!

As they say in the business world, time is money, and at the moment, our bank account of time is slowly being drained away whilst other teams strengthen their squads hugely. I’m seriously worried that our inactivity, due to Levy’s stubbornness, could cost us a place in the Champions League next season – and AVB will take the blame.

Isn’t Levy hindering us? Or is it going to turn out beneficially that we hold out for the highest amount of money possible?

By Alex Beck

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  1. Cant believe how many time this has been asked by now????

    Is there really anything to lose? Modric is gonna go, thats a fact

    Then Levy might as well press for maximum ROI, that will help the club most in the long run… If he wanted to be a hindrance, he could have sold Modric for 23m ages ago…

    Everybody is screaming for Levy to "splash-the-cash" on all kinds of players while wanting him to sell Modric fast… These two things are connected… if you sell him fast you will have less money for investment in new players… it is really THAT simple!

    • We are supposedly the 10th richest club in the world. We just signed a huge sponsorship deal with Under Armour and have a large slush fund from players out the door. This is not connected to the best price for Modric before we spend. This is about buying as cheap as we can. Two years ago, when we first started having Damiao watched, We could have bought him for £16mil Levy wanted to pay £12mil and refused to budge. Today after his Olympic performance Internacional want £47 mil for him. £16 mil would have been a bargain. The £4mil difference Levy pissed away on the Olympic Stadium debacle despite 90% of spurs fans not wanting the move. Levy is like a petty little accountant who is playing at football manager. I thought Tim Sherwood was now Director of Football? Surely it should be he finding the talent and Levy just signing the cheques?

  2. of course Levy is a hindrance. He will always be. He is only interested in fighting for money in the bank. Not to bring in players. Sell expensive and buy cheap. I am sick of him!

  3. As none of us really knows what is going on I think articles like the above – although well intentioned – are a complete waste of time. I'm confident Levy will get the best deal for Spurs, for a player who signed a contract and then reneged on it.

  4. have any of you the slightest idea of how big business works? buy him, sell him, it's all levys fault etc, etc, etc levy has invested heavily backing managers, transfers are not easy to negotiate these days, but of course you are all financial whizzkids aren't you!

    • i can tell you that if we sold Modric for £27mil it would be 30%GP which by any business model would be good business after several years of use of the player. Is that business speak enough?

  5. Daniel Levy is a Tottenham SUPPORTER and wants the best for our club. If YOUR Rolls Royce is worth 40m would you sell it for 23m so you can buy a Jaguar.I think that when you consider the asking price for players ofthe same calibre , 40m is a reasonable fee.

  6. Liverpool paid £20 million for Jordan Henderson. RM are taking the piss by trying to steal Modric for £23m. I'm with Levy on this one, even if it means Modders spending a season training with the reserves and Harry Kane making 40 starts.

  7. QUESTION have Spurs progressed in terms of players and league position since Levy took charge?
    If you answered yes (which unless you know nothing about Spurs you must have)Then how can Levy in any possible way have been a hindrance.Not so long back i remember being chuffed that we got into europe,now we challenge for top four EVERY season.In English thats what we call progress,and guess who has funded and run the club during that progress? DANIEL LEVY.
    If you can only appreciate a chairman that will go out and spend vast sums on anybody they feel like regardless of wether the club can sustain and afford it maybe youd be better of on a Chelsea fan site!!!!! Now can we put this dumb moaning about Levy to bed and actually support SPURS.

    • i can tell you that if we sold Modric for £27mil it would be 30%GP which by any business model would be good business after several years of use of the player. Is that business speak enough?

      • Your assuming that Real Madrid have offered £27mil,one paper gives you one figure another gives you something else.Fact is only officials from the two clubs involved know the ins and outs of whats been offered.We can only guess at what piece of speculated gossip is true or false.Also good business is different to making a profit.Good business is about getting the amount your product is worth.

  8. Levy claiming he is a SPURS fan seems to clear him of any blame or behaviour. Levy is a MONEY fan who has the intertest of shareholders NOT supporters as his main focus

  9. For FUCK SAKE, get off Levy's back if only for once. The man loves THFC and will do everything he possibly can to make us stronger than we already are. He is the Chairman that has brought us back up, he is the man that has backed his managers in the transfer market even when they bought duds. We all know that he will get the best price when selling our players and likes to buy cheap if he can but should he just drop his pants, grab his ankles and take it up the arse when another club takes the piss and makes an offer far below what he considers his players is worth as in the case of Modric, would you do it? Look what Peter Ridsdale did to Leeds with his wild overspending and no inward investment. something they are still struggling with after all these years. Or would you prefer Ken Bates, another clown who took Chelsea to the very brink of receivership? Give Levy a break. We would all like to see top signings coming to our club right this instance but unfortunately, we cannot just throw money around like confetti unlike Citeh or Chelski with their new found wealth.

  10. I very much like how the club is run and I like the idea that we don't go out and buy the leauge like Manchester City and Chlsea I like the fact that we're never in debt and don't spend above our means.However I do think that he can be a problem and it does get frustrating at times when you just think to yourself just spend the money. The other probelm with Levy is whenever a manager is doing well like Jol or Levy he then gets rid of them demanding instant success and we're left back to square one.Look at the way he treated Jol because of that we lost a hole year and ended up playing catch up.And look at us now Redknapp brought us back to being a top side and he sacked him although I can understand why he got rid of him and brought someone in who is making far too many changes.


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