A Mug’s Game Review: Stoke 2-1 Spurs


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Well that was awesome game! Stoke were dominant in the Scrum, lineouts were slick and they were fully committed in the contact zones.  Jonny Wilkinson was hand found his touch and in the first half, Stoke picked up tries when ever then entered the Spurs 22.

Sadly Spurs didn’t get the memo about switching code for the game today, so that was the first arse fucking of the day…

Delap was replaced at Hooker by some other guy with a towel under his shirt – Yep, I thought the towels were banned too – and Crouch-inho was back to face a team that’s a lot better now he’s not around.  Tony Pulis’ was channelling Graham Taylor and sticking it in the mixer.  They were bullies, the lot of them! They didn’t play nice. We were 2-0 down from two throw-ins and some very impressive pressing.  Twats!  Matthew Etherington was right place, right time on both occasions.

I think ‘Arry gave Martin Johnson a call to see how best to lose without looking too much like chumps, so our initial game plan was usurped with Panic and laying down trenches for the second half.  One flat back 5 care of Sebastian Bassong coming up!

Chris Foy – AKA, blind 12th man cock-smoking fuck face with a whistle – had a blinder.  I expect he’ll be overseeing Barnet next weekend, because he, and his assistants well and truly fucked up that second half.  One rightfully awarded penalty, well converted by Adebayor, should not mask the two penalties that weren’t awarded, both committed by Ryan Shawcross, and the two frankly petty yellow cards for Bale and Kaboom (goggle eyes anyone?).  As for Adebayor’s second being flagged as offside, well you can just fuck off!  Let’s get Sandra down to tell this gimp the ins and outs of the offside rule.

Talking of Kaboom, he knew he was on a yellow card and Lawrence Dallaglio was going no-where, so why did he slide in for that second card?  Kaboom’s idiocy is something that had been kept well under wraps this season.  His presence will be missed.

The air got thin for Spurs, we had what it took to draw today, and this is the loss that was well overdue for “typical Spurs” today.  Spurs were 100% worth a point this afternoon.

Man of the Match – The only candidate today Chris Foy, your goal line saves and perfect interpretation of the game were the work of a crazed genius.  Not to start a witch hunt, but you’re a dick!  I expect a heartfelt apology tomorrow, there should be a compulsory 6 week training course for these fools, like when you get caught speeding or something.

Next week Sunderland, wow… I saw Titus Bramble getting rolled by the Yak today.  THE YAK ROLLED TITUS BRAMBLE!!!!  Expect a beast to rise from this, a clinical win for Spurs.  Sunderland’s danger man will be newmanagereffect – Potent and running hard miles. I doubt it will be enough at the Lane but makes it less straight forward.

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  1. we were all over them in the second half but hey you lose sometimes, we need a tall defender extra when we play them again, they gave it their all and we got sucker punched. the real prob is harry changing the side for the euro cups then another 11 for the premier, you keep your best side always playing. Kaboul is a wanker, lets get him out


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