New attendance record set at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Image: SpursWeb

The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium hosted its first American Football game yesterday when the Oakland Raiders took on the Chicago Bears.

The match was the first of two NFL matches which will be played in North London with the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers next to pay a visit on Sunday.

The Raiders won the match 24-21 with a touchdown from the 2-yard line with just 1:57 to left to play.

The showpiece was not only a historic event in the young life of the state of the art stadium but it also set a new attendance record for the venue.

60,463 supporters packed into the stadium which beat the previous record of the 60,407 that watched Spurs take on Aston Villa in the opening Premier League match of the current season.


Daniel Levy will certainly be rubbing his hands at the prospect of a full stadium and the extra revenue it will bring in to the football club, however, whether any of it will benefit the playing side of Tottenham remains to be seen.

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  1. Hi Alex, Levy a good business man ? Can’t be, no penelty clause on stadium over run, buying third rate players for record fees, Sanchez 45 million my God he is very poor, airier 23 million a hot headed clown, Jansen 17 million no need to comment. Sissoko shite for 2 years runs about a bit now, can’t shoot,can’t cross or put a class defense splitting pass ..100k a week ….at the time Christian was on 65 wonder he got the hump….Pamela 30 million worth of crap not one premier team in England would pay a fee for him ,one foot ,dirty fowls from behind, throws his hands in the air like a child when he looses the ball.the manager ?? Luckiest man alive , fuck up a great time with his insistence on playing sissoko , has no plan b, takes players off when on a hat trick, seems to want the player’s to get the ball to the penelty area then try to pass the ball / bundle the ball into the net, insists rolling the ball out from the keeper, dose not want to get them to cross the ball first time…. insists on buying players who want to play next to kanee ( can’t have them all on the pitch) gives lamela a full match against teams who have aggressive midfields.and can’t see that Ali is a striker….scores goals when he is goal hanging….made to look average when playing further back and wants to kick n push everyone……oh and told everyone that he would have gone if he had won the champions league, then plays all the players he wants to get rid of…..He is seriously overated needs to drop down a couple of divisions and start again…. southend need a manager, would not have to sell his home then.


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